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 Esko the huminoid shark

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Esko the huminoid shark Empty#1PostSubject: Esko the huminoid shark   Esko the huminoid shark EmptyMon Nov 13, 2017 8:26 am

Name: Esko
Species: Shark human hybrid
Age: 27
Faction: N/A
Alignment: He doesent care about the law, but he is very carefull not to gethimself in to big trouble because of his past.


piloting, shooting guns and hunting

electricity, fog/smoke, women, cold temperatures and fire


50 cal heavy rail gun, infa red head gear and a big bag knife he likes to call george

he is great at hunting, he has good raw streangth, he's a good swimmer, a good pilot and a good marksman

He was an experiment that failed. It was done by a private company trying to create the best soilders possible by merging different predetors with human DNA. The project was shortly canceld after the company went bankrupt. he was kept frozen in a cryo tube for nearly a decade until athourities had discoverd that this company was running these crazy experiments. The athourities seized all the equipment and found 7 cryo tubes. One of these tubes had Esko the shark human hybrid. He was interigated, then he was brainwashed and registerd as an official citizen. He found a good job and was a winner of a lottery but life didnt go well for him as he was fired from his job for being to agressive and at the same time was robed and beat up. He was left homeless but this only motivated him. He began to train. He went to the gym, started regularly going to the gun range and he started looking for new jobs. And he found a job. It wasnt the normal type of job it was something that he was passionate about. Hunting. He became a bounty hunter.
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Esko the huminoid shark

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