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Approved#1PostSubject: Aythanatos    Aythanatos  EmptyTue Nov 14, 2017 12:50 am

Name: Aythanatos
Habitable: Habitable - still in it’s modern era but developing futuristic era
Terrain: A mix of different biomes but most notably the deserts, canyons, thick rainforests and oceans
Size: Medium
Population: Humans: 50% Elf: 30% Other: 20%
Location: Any

Development Thread: If the planet contains any powerful locations or objects, a thread must accompany the submission to earn the right to create such a place.

The technology is still in the modern era and is just starting to curve over to the more advanced technology. It was developed by the native to keep their planet’s balance in check and all the while making sure nothing was disturbed.

The planet was inhabited by the Amphithere for as long as the people of the planet could remember. Over the years the people and the amphithere have developed bonds (magical and telepathic), cities and eventually a powerful world wide nation. The people are proud of their home world and of their heritage and all would protect their homes with everything they have.
The government made sure to erase any memories of the people’s pilgrimage to Aythanatos and who the first people were who settled. Resulting in the people thinking that they had been on the planet all along are the only people on it.

The planet’s terrain is a hard environment to live in with a mix of rainforests, deserts and oceans. To the south of the main continent is a large desert full with hidden canyons as well as in some areas glass has enveloped certain area making jagged peaks that look like icicles frozen in time, the further north or closer to the ocean and water the desert gets it becomes grasslands. The northern part of the main continent forms into a thick rainforest. The planet is brimming with gemstones, oil and other natural resources of high quality. Magic and psychic powers run through the people as well.

Government -
The government is a democracy tyrannical government in which the people still are able to vote for a person who they want to rule for the rest of the elected individual’s life. However the people within the government make the final choices, they could kill the elected and his family then take control. The government does this over and over again and keep quiet those who speaks out about such actions, leaving the citizens in the dark. They also brainwash the military officers into becoming blind soldiers for their cause. They keep the voting to keep the people feeling like their voice has been heard and contempt with their lives.

There are three major cities on this planet with small towns dotting the landscape, each with their own culture. However the world seems untouched by the development of the cities as they are built up usually not outwards.

Yeomra - The capital city of Aythanatos as well as the most populated. This city is the heart of the military. This city is the birthplace of the squads named the Fenrir’s, the society that is meant to protect the capital and her sibling cities from the inside. It is also the place for gaming and entertainment. Situated in the grassland north of the desert.

Asteria - A beautiful city full of towering skyscrapers and it in the shape of a flow if viewed from above. They culture here is colorful and full of celebration. It is the city that is also homes to the brightest scientific minds in the nation as well. Built  in the deserts.

Eurybia - Unlike Asteria this city is not as colorful and is the base of all the food and necessities for the citizens of Aythanatos. There is a guard called the Valkcry who are responsible to protect the food and storages from the inside and the outside. The city unlike most of them is more spread out. Situated in the rainforests or the north.

Military -
Anyone who would want to become an officer, whether in the military or police must be binded with an amphithere. This is to ensure the officer is not going against the government nor what they stand for, then again everything has holes in it. Those with magic and psychic abilities that meet the requirements are forced into the military.

Amphilthere’s - These colorful snakes with wings are venomous and can spit acid on their targets. This ability takes years to perfect since one wrong hit then it's an excruciating death depending on where one is hit. There are many types of bodies, slim, muscular etc. 
They can grow to be strong enough to carry a human or two depending on the type. The smaller ones are used as infiltration into suspects homes and for other jobs such as messaging or as spies.


Gospels - The organization against the government. They work from the shadows through hidden messages. They are inside the government, military and even the lives of everyday people. These people are waiting for a perfect opportunity to strike and to free the people from the tyrannical rule of the government.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Aythanatos    Aythanatos  EmptyTue Nov 14, 2017 9:38 am


Interesting lil autocracy wrapped in democracy.


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