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 The North Star Contract

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Private#1PostSubject: The North Star Contract   Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:57 pm

It was a very cold night(compared to the normal temperature of the planet) on Tundra-9...Dr. Gandor Genesis had just finished getting to a room with a large table with a holo-projector before sitting down on his chair and pressed a button on his chair...

"Computer,iniciate holo-linking procedures...also get me some hot coffee."The man would say to a floating drone that would go into the ceilling,making a *click* sound and then a holo-panel would appear over the table's holo-projector saying [Currently linking,please stand by] and a drone would appear with a cup of coffee and give it to the Dr...

Dr. Gandor Genesis would sip a bit of coffee before the holo-panel said [Connection established] and dissapearing and around the table the holograms of the ones that Dr.Gandor was trying to contact...
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Private#2PostSubject: Re: The North Star Contract   Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:25 pm

The hologram would shoot out to a holographic projection of the Imperial banner that lit the room in red for a few seconds until it dissapeared to reveal Varanus projected by the blue hologram.

The reptilian was a ensign of the 9th Fleet,acting as communications liaison between outside forces trying to contact the allied forces from within the conflict zone.They where in deep space on the front,acting as reserve forces for the primary offense fleets pushing through Helix space to secure footholds on occupied worlds whilst limiting Helix movements.

The horned lizard would hiss. "State your intent." His voice tired from the constant signals he had to shift through since his deployment.The lizard kept his gaze on the seated figure.


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The North Star Contract

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