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 The Durasteel Quota

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Faction#1PostSubject: The Durasteel Quota   The Durasteel Quota EmptyFri Nov 17, 2017 10:03 pm

The Durasteel Quota 6284cc10

The industrial heartland of the stellar Serpentum Imperium,this volcanic world rich in almost endless amounts of minerals flowing from the crust of the planet via magma oceans,the facilities built here where ransacked and converted into Helix refineries with only CPLX-1 untouched by Helix forces who occupied the facility's production.

When the Imperium returned the depleted 3rd fleet strategically bombarded parts of the Complexes and sent the spiral factories of Helix into the molten rock,the marine assault teams took the planet in a matter of days and soon the Helix occupation of Turun was no more.But now the empire was left with a issue.The issue of rebuilding a once prosperous industrial centre.

It would be a monumental task,the empire would have to draw resources from the planet itself using temporary refineries and the few it could salvage,despite CPLX-1 having been spared it still needed a labour force the Empire could not field given their deployments as soldiers to keep Helix at bay.The empire lacked the labour to man the surviving mega-refinery and given that Turun produced 72% of the Empire's metal in the past it now lacked the minerals to construct a basic drone fleet to replace a conventional workforce.

This was the challenge facing Dominus Uleta Korbiss. 


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The Durasteel Quota

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