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 An Old Call For Help

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Private#1PostSubject: An Old Call For Help   An Old Call For Help EmptySat Nov 18, 2017 1:24 am


Asmelia sits in its peaceful state, ships of all shapes and forms whooshing by through the newly rebuilt capital, the ground to orbit cannons shining dormant in the early morning sunlight, snow has already began to fall but that didn't stop the busy streets of New Stine. The silver and gold buildings shone brilliantly, since Asmelia became a large hub for immigrants. Varanus and Humans live in harmony here, and a Varanus official had been put on the senate. Along with other species, Asmelia is a thriving trade hub. A few Leverian ships also are in the mix of all things. 

Back in the capital building, "We need better defenses, the Eon Triangle Vanguard is well and all, but it won't hold up against a large attack force." A scaley Vanarus said in a deep tone. 
"I understand your concern Hale'a, but we mustn't get too big of a defense force, we are a neutral region and we must stay that way, we do, however, need to find an ally that can help us defend ourselves, since we have discovered that Betheshee has shattered into another asteroid field that can be mined we can ally with anyone that wishes to have mining claim to that sector in space."
"wait, i may have an idea..." 
"Yes.. the Imperium, since this is considered an outpost for them." 
"fine.. we'll contact them.."
"Thank you ma'am.." Hale'a said relieved. Jane sighs as she rubs her eyes, the Imperium almost strangled the Atrata Federation through economic demands. 

Soon the senate was at the communication room. They were at the main podium, it was next to the main conference room of the capitol building, also known as the citadel. The communications panel was a holographic view, Leverian concept in design. Hale'a pressed a few buttons on the regal looking panel. "Imperium, do you copy? We need to talk about some important matters."

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Private#2PostSubject: Re: An Old Call For Help   An Old Call For Help EmptySat Nov 18, 2017 4:53 pm

The senate room would enter a eerie silence as the holographic panel lit up in the Red banner of the Imperial Star.

The same banner that once flew over Asmelia during the old Imperium's occupation on the Atrata Protectorate,the same banner who's troops left Asmelia to defend their capital,the same banner of a new empire who in their conflicts against Helix had forgotten the Federation they once swore to protect.

An Old Call For Help Imperi10

The banner would remain until a few seconds where it was replaced by a human officer.

The human ensign was one of the many communications ensigns assigned to filter external messages from outside the conflict zone,a job that placed much strain on the already overstretched command structure of the Imperial offensive.Sat in a line of panels in the INS Hermes,a communications vessel situated in deep space between Farnin and Baris,intercepting a message meant for the Imperial Court.

The human recognized the figure as a Varanus and confused would ask. "Citizen....This is a restricted channel.....Identify yourself.


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An Old Call For Help

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