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 The intergalactic hasbeen

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The intergalactic hasbeen Empty#1PostSubject: The intergalactic hasbeen   The intergalactic hasbeen EmptySat Nov 18, 2017 7:00 pm

Name: Lyndis Hylindal
Species: Jeslore Dryad
Age: 34
Faction: No one
Alignment: Lawfull good
Pictures of Lyndis:
Lyndis' casual everyday run of the mill armor that she wears everyday under normal circumstances:


-Bark skin. Lyndis' wooden skin leaves her completely invulnerable to conventional meelee attack and gives her a heavy damage reduction from overall damage sources. In detail meelee attacks, especially blunt meelee has little to no effect without even requiring armor and when she does wear heavy armor her resilience increases even further, becoming even resistant against bullets or even energy with the right augments. And all of this without hindering her total agility.

-Former monk. Lyndis is quite fast and agile for someone wearing heavy armor. She not only has quite the speed but super high response times, her movement speed is the highest in her arms, allowing her to deflect bullet fire with her staff or form a small shield even by spinning it. She also deploys the staff in combat skillfully by brutally poking and bashing them into the enemy's head acurately. The staff can double as a bow as well when equiped with elastic wires.

-Mist walker. Lyndis is a skilled mage, specializing in the mistwalker school of magic wich is using magic to make meelee and archery combat much more powerfull by increasing speed range and power in addition to adding an array of after effects to each strike such as phasing through enemies for CC, healing, tank and elemental effects.

-Overprotective. Lyndis for one is a pacifist and unlike before she owned the orphanage she runs she now has an aversion to violence and no interest in solving her problems with the staff. But if someone threatens her children she will go absolutely insane and attack the threat until it stops moving at all. In her 'panic' state she will be extremely fast and relentless and this oes tend to rack up unwanted attention.

-Intelligance. While Lyndis is definetly not unintelligent she can definetly is ignorant at times. Mistaking shorter people for kids that need help (wich is exploitable as well). 

-Primitive. Lyndis has little understanding of technology and barely knows how to operate her own ship.


-1 set of heavy armor
-1 monk battle staff

-Bark skin. Lyndis has super hard skin wich makes her tough to hurt.

Formerly an adventurous rascal, Lyndis for unknown reasons (that may be scattered throughout rp) has chosen to suddenly take on a very friendly lifestyle of holding an orphanage and raising kids.


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The intergalactic hasbeen

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