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 PBES-00 "Kyle Telos"

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Kyle Telos
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Kyle Telos

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PBES-00 "Kyle Telos" WEjOuFP
Additional images here: [Click Here]

Name: Kyle Telos originally Manami Kyō
Species: Bellerophon PBES-00 “Kyle” [desc. here]
Age: 24
Faction: Order of Shadows
Alignment: Neutral


  • Veteran Elite - Having been serving in a military force since he was 10, more than half his life, he is an Elite Soldier, Mercenary, Commander, Pilot, Gunner, Covert Operative, Engineer, Musician, Actor and more. He has further improved and become a Veteran as well as an Elite at most all the things he can do. Having had so much knowledge implanted in his mind, he was already at an expert level, and just required real experience to integrate and embed the knowledge into his mind and body. If there is something to be done, he can most likely do it.
  • Unshakeable - Even under the most dire and death-inducing situations physically and psychologically, he will not be shaken and will remain cool headed, focused on doing what needs to be done.
  • Mature - Due to the environment in which he grew up in, he is much more mature and experienced in life than those typically his age. From this, while he can interact in the same way as one his age should, he still holds a high level of understanding an casualness. While maybe not a good example, one example would be standing in a room full of attractive unrobed women, and still smile lightly as if looking at a sunset. And still know that he would be in the wrong for seeing such a sight, even if it wasn’t his fault that it happened...


  • Aloof - Distant, wandering, reserved, detached, indifferent, aloof. Majority of the time, Kyle is like this. Because of the circumstances around him and what he’s been through, he has always been detached from reality. Looking into the distance with a faint smile on his lips, relaxed and unmoved, he watches on. While it helps him look at things objectively, it doesn’t help his interpersonal skills, so while he has many allies and brothers-in-arms, there are not many who he can truly call a friend.
  • Cold - Contrary to his warm appearance, Kyle can be quite cold blooded and unforgiving. While he maintains a comfortable friendship and somewhat familiarity and familial bond with those close to him, to outsiders or for matters regarding life, while he keeps up appearances, he finds nothing wrong with sacrificing a few to save many, or killing those who do wrong even if they may be inherently good, or just made some mistakes. There is a limit to this though, and he does understand objectively that he can be unforgiving and cold, which is why he prefers to be left alone by his enemies, lest he is forced to take on matters himself to no benefit for anyone. If you are going to stop someone attacking you once, then what is wrong with breaking them so that they can never attack you ever again?
  • Defective - Despite being one of the two first “successful” experiments, not everything was perfect. Even after years of advanced genetic modifications and artificial enhancements, there are still lingering problems. Quite often, there are some phantom pains as small as  a slight numbness the size of a fingernail, to complete body paralysis from pains and aches. While the genetic changes indeed were integrated into the body, there are times when they produce a rejection as the body matures and grows with age. The nanites work to fix any of these problems, but it still leaves a phantom pain despite how numb he has gotten to it. It is not a pain he would wish to inflict on anyone else, even his enemies, but he is used to it. He previously had an acute addiction to painkillers, and tapered off by using them for recreation, and rarely falls back to these habits these days.


  • Order of Shadows Suit: Type ”Aegis” - [link]. The illuminating lights and visor interface color are golden yellow.
  • N/A - N/A
  • N/A - N/A

Spatial Distortion - During the spatial distortion which ripped Kyle’s people and their things from their own universe, due to being conscious and exposed during the ordeal, his body absorbed this energy and observed the effects such a distortion could do. Breaching the surface of understanding this anomaly at a subconscious level, Kyle managed to take some of this power as his own. Whenever he uses his active abilities, his body seems to become luminescent with a blue glow becoming apparent on his outline, and his eyes gain a blue sheen inside the iris instead of the original golden amber.
Due to his lack of conscious understanding and control, the things he can do are limited.

  • Spatial Presence - The ability to detect, sense, observe and track within space. This includes being able to sense spatial distortions, observe the space around him, detect the presence of sentient and similar life forms, and track the movement of things within the space he senses. All of these have a varying degree of mastery, and at early supernatural levels, it is only to the effect of a faint feeling, and not too far from his position.
  • Spatial Leap - The ability to leap through space itself. Can jumped through space as if teleporting to a location that the user can see clearly with their own senses. Cannot jump to a location seen through a camera or such things. If the location is perceived and observed by the user (such as through spatial presence), then it can be used. When leaping, the body discharges sparks, due to the ambient energy around them being agitated. The longer the distance to be leaped, the larger the discharge (progressively building up), and the longer it takes to jump. The user can choose some things that occur with their jump. For example, keeping their current momentum, changing the direction of momentum of their body (instead of momentum on their back, momentum is instead applied on their front), and adjusting their orientation so that instead of facing one way, can be facing another. With higher understanding and power, this ability can be expanded on to take more than just the user and the things they are wearing. Eventually, it could be possible to take an entire fighter with them, or a small group of people.
  • [BETA LOCKED] Spatial Manipulation - The ability to manipulate space itself within his range to a variable degree. While it cannot interfere with things that have a will or a strong presence (such as ships), it can be used to create obstacles in space, open a corridor to travel through, or even directly interfere with weapons fire or shields that are in his immediate presence or he is in contact with.
  • [GAMMA LOCKED] Spatial Pressure - Similar to stories of how martial artists who are top tier can cause others to fall to their knees just by looking at them or being around them, or a master of mana causing the surroundings to feel the pressure of their presence, this Spatial Pressure is a similar such thing. Subconsciously, it can be released and increased with feelings, or consciously brought out at will. Creates a suffocating pressure to those in the area (subconsciously/passively used), or on select individuals (consciously/actively used), and feels as if space itself is caving in on you, as if trying to force you to implode. Stronger willed individuals will be able to withstand it easier, while the weaker ones may even have their body give in until they pass out or, in extreme cases, die. Though the latter is extremely rare. If used against objects, they can crumple as if being subjected to intense pressures, similar to what would happen if one goes deep sea diving unprepared. The closer to the source, the stronger the effect is, though it doesn’t affect everything the same. After all, while paper can be crumpled by hand, it takes a lot more effort to do the same to a sheet of metal. Another way it can be used it to wrap the pressure around one’s body, enhancing both defence and offense. By compressing space like this and wrapping it around his hand for example, he can strike and fracture space itself, creating a powerful attack which causes a miniature spatial quake, causing a blast in the direction it was used from the force of space fracturing. Self-harm is mitigated as one side blow outwards, while the other side sucks in space to repair itself.
  • [OMEGA LOCKED] Spatial Tear - The ability to tear apart space itself, causing unprecedented anomalies and aftereffects. The most common aftereffect is a spacequake, which ripples out and causes disturbances as if shaking apart anything at its seams. On a planet, it is the same as if causing a localized earthquake as it rips apart the ground relentlessly. Affects everyone, as space has no concept of friend or foe. As space itself works to fix any anomalies, these don’t last too long, but can still be devastating. With more power added in, it could affect things for lightyears away. Truly a calamity. Thankfully, as it has no effect on the concept of time, it doesn’t create any permanent scars to the affected space and heals given time. The larger the damage, the longer it takes to fix.

In an alternate universe, an alternate reality, the human race faced planetary extinction from threats beyond their star system. After fighting back desperately, technology advanced at an unprecedented rate. To cope with the times, the human’s discarded their name of “humans” and became “Terrans” under the name, the Terran Imperium. Expand, Exterminate, Exploit, Explore. While not so clear cut, it wasn’t that far off either. In the time where Manami Kyō was born, culture had diminished and died out to be replaced by doctrines of the Imperium. There were colonies spread out among the stars which held close to their roots and kept their cultures alive, even if knowledge they had left of them was sparse. From the Japanese influence, Kyō was born from his mother Manami Yuki, and father Manami Allen. It was a wonderful period of time despite the wars and threats. Commercial genetic engineering to change hair and eye color, keep the body youthful and unblemished, most corruption and forms of racism, sexism, discrimination, elitism and so on were eliminated except from the most extreme and secretive of people. Religion died out but was not frowned upon or alienated, everyone was free to love who or what they wanted. Ironically, by having their peace destroyed, they gained the utopian dream.

But all good things must pass. Kyō was kidnapped from his isolated and ignored colony, forced into inhumane experiments like thousands, hundreds of thousands before him. The more aggressive and cunning of the higher ups of the Imperium were unwilling to stop at just protecting their people. They wanted more. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Bellerophon Project was a means to an end. Augments, genetically enhanced Terrans using the genes of every species they had encountered. Taking all the genes, mixing them together, then over a multitude of series, weeding out the negative traits, keeping the positive traits, and making them stable. In addition, they also artificially enhanced them. Nanites flooding their body instead of outright replacing parts, becoming more and more away from a Terran that the results were no longer the same species. Kyle was one of the first two successful experiments, but it came with a huge cost. The physical and psychological pain and trauma that the subjects go through cause most to go insane, if not dead from the start. And because it succeeded, he was subjected to more pain and torture.

After having knowledge uploaded into his brain, he was renamed as Bellerophon - Project BREED Experimental Series, PBES-01, designation “Kyle Telos”. Alongside the other successes, they were forced into military operations out in the field without prior training, and made to fight bloody battles to acclimate to their knowledge. Ground combat, space combat, covert operations, mercenary work, assassinations, you name it, they did it. After gaining experience in the field as soldiers whose identities were only known as a new experimental soldier, they were put in command of ships to command and carry out more larger scale operations. This was repeated for each new series of experiments, with many of them dying out in the field. Eventually, it got to the point where he had had enough. Kyle cooperated with all of the other Bellerophon experiments that were in the field, as well as their loyal soldiers who had been serving under them. All soldiers placed under them were part of a more mass-producing version of Project Bellerophon, using the more successful results to convert normal soldiers into these augment soldiers. While they went through a lot of pain, it was nothing in comparison to the original augments. They had also done it willingly. After getting to know the original augments and what they went through, they became loyal to their cause.

With all of the ships under their command, and all the augments alive, the staged a rebellion, a revolution to free themselves. With the help of some of the more humane researchers and staff who were against such horrific experiments, they destroyed the research facilities everywhere at the same time, erased all knowledge, data and designs for the project, and killed every researcher who was privy to the knowledge. Over 40 institutes were hit at once and destroyed within a day, and on the next day, they disappeared. Using their technological advantage and having stolen every experimental technology and blueprints they could find, they setback the Imperium a good 10 years, before leaving. The next several years were spent doing a multitude of things. Mercenary work in neutral territories raiding heavily armed targets for supplies, protecting and escorting free people and planets from the harm of those attempting more undercover research with black technology, fighting and sometimes allying with pirates, just living a life doing whatever was necessary to live.

Eventually, they got wind of the Terran Imperium constructing a space station of massive proportions in contrast to other things they had done. While not inhumane, the level of black technology involved was just as high. It wasn’t a space station, but a miniaturized military installation which would be capable of mass producing ships and living self sufficiently behind enemy borders. It would destroy the galactic balance of power with none the wiser. With many more phantom and bellerophon augments having died by this point with all the conflict they had been through, albeit a more free and worthwhile life in comparison to being experiments, it had still been a costly life. With what they had left, they infiltrated the space station as engineers, and made many backdoor deals with many companies to work on the construction without being found. Deals were made with pirates everywhere to keep things peaceful, off the radar, have them act as a distraction, and so on. In the end, once the station was completed, the entire 10,000 phantoms took control of the station, the Order of Shadows they and the Bellerophon’s had founded claimed it and jumped all of their ships into its vicinity, and they began their work on actualizing the experimental Imperial Dampening Field which would sever the inner and outer space, to create an impenetrable shield.

Within a week, a large Imperium Fleet began their assault on their own station. No one can have it if they can’t have it. After a massive battle resulting in the loss of nearly the entire enemy fleet, and heavily damaging the allied fleet and station, the shield finally came online. And in that instant, everything in the near vicinity vanished. When it next reappeared, it was in an unfamiliar space. All ships and the station itself suffered the expected fallout; complete vaporization of the people within who were unshielded, and the overloading of all circuitry. While Kyle’s suit was designed to be shielded against such a thing, there was still a high risk, and so all others were placed inside special stasis pods to protect them. For all the Terrans and their ships, they suffered just as bad, leaving Kyle alone, floating in space inside his now wreckage of a battleship, in unfamiliar territory: the Uncharted Space of the Convergence Timeline.

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Face claim is "Natsume Takashi" from "Natsume Yuujinchou"
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PBES-00 "Kyle Telos"

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