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 The nerbnurun ranger

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The nerbnurun ranger Empty#1PostSubject: The nerbnurun ranger   The nerbnurun ranger EmptySun Nov 19, 2017 8:19 pm

Name: Torrii Swiftfinger
Species: Jeslorian dryad
Age: Unknown
Faction: Rogue
Alignment: True neutral
Torrii's attire:
Torrii's revolvers:
Torrii's shotgun:


-Deadeye. Torrii's a sharp eye and fast eye, capable of drawing and firing her weapon at pinpoint acuracy in less than second.
-Bark skin. Just like other Jeslorian dryads Torrii has very hard skin wich makes her immune to conventional meelee strikes. In addition, she's been lifting and can throw out a hard hitting punch, despite not exactly being a boxer.
-Western abilities. Torrii is like a wild west hero, checking all the boxes of being considered one ranging from skill with mounts guns, knives and lassos. If it's been featured in a wild west movie there's a good chance Torrii is skilled in doing so. Ranging from fanning the flame to disarming an enemy using a whip.

-Munitions. Torrii is limited (by skill) to a certain number of weapons that are all slow to reload and she stores ammo on her clothing, limiting her extra supply greatly. They are difficult to use as well, all having a simply but reliable mechanism upgraded with modern technology to punch through modern armors.
-Medium armored. Other than her clothing Torrii wears nothing in the way of armor besides her light ballistic vest. Meaning that she is far more vulnerable than Lyndis or other dryads wearing a form of armor.
-Gunslinger. Torrii is not very skilled in the use of meelee weapons and tends to use her fist despite carrying a dagger in her boot. She still prefers to whip out a firearm in a scuffle rather than her knife.


The aforementioned weaponry only. Nothing more.

Nothing other than her extreme acuracy and bark skin.

Torrii, a former desert ranger from nebnurun that kept herself hydrated with the use of water skins and lotions. One day she was assigned to escort a postal carriage that was marked for robbery by a band of outlaws. She defended the carriage valiantly but was shot in the head anyway to be be buried nearby. But by some miracle she didnt die and broke out of her grave to seek revenge on the one that killed her.



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The nerbnurun ranger

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