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 La Isabella Gambles

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Name: Isabella Gambles
Species: Human
Age: 22
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Waist-length dark brown hair usually in a ponytail; dark brown eyes with golden flecks; tall, about 5'7; wears dark clothing, things to blend in; usually has a smug look; left-handed; scar from right ear to nose; burn mark on top of right-hand to elbow

Isabella, who goes by Abe, but nobody knows that, has bronze skin, like a Brazilian. Her eyes and hair are both dark brown, but her eyes have gold flecks in them and her hair is about waist length, although she keeps it in tight, neat styles, like ponytails and buns. She's tall, about 5'7, and thin but not underweight. Her clothing is usually dark and sort of baggy but she does wear tight clothes often, to help with agility and when she's spying. She usually looks slightly amused or smug.  Her teeth are a little crooked and chipped in places and one is missing, but in the back, caused from fighting and doing dangerous stuff, like bull-riding and falling into rocks and fallen trees.

She has a scar from her right ear to her nose, which came from a rogue vampire that gambled all his money away. He tried to kill her but she stabbed him through the heart with a broken wooden spoon about twenty times out of fear. Her lip has a tiny scar from when she was running through a rose garden and hid in the bushes, being cut by thorns. Across her back is a bunch of whip marks from when she was a slave; her owned had been really queer and always sliced in a triangular pattern. Her right hand is burned from the fingers to near her elbow, but only the top part that isn't where her palm is. She bites her nails a lot so they're never long.

Abe is left-handed and very agile. She moves quietly and swiftly, being a very impatient person unless it comes to espionage. She keeps her many blades hidden, some in very strange places, except for her long twin blades that are black as obsidian. They have strange symbols on them but aren't enchanted anymore. She is considered a very good swordsman and blademaster. She speaks softly and slowly but loud and clear enough for you to understand what she means. She also has ADHD, meaning she can't keep still for long and is usually doing something with her hands, like building mechanisms.


Knife-throwing, archery, dancing, acrobatics, memorizing, learning, playing instruments(violin, piano, etc.), espionage, aiming

Singing, manners, following rules, relating to emotions, impatience, flirting, short-temper, the cold, restrictions, culinary arts


Twin obsidian swords(non-magical); hidden blades; hidden random mechanisms and items; and black helmet with long horns(non-magical)

- Intangibility, meaning she can allow herself to go through solid objects easily for a period of time, depending on how much energy she has. She gets tired if she's intangible for too long.
- Pressurization, meaning she can put pressure on something, like bending metal or squeezing someone's head in, or making things explode.
- Cloning, but only herself and the way she does it is very difficult, complex, and time consuming, so she doesn't do it much; she's only done it once, when she was a child.

Isabella was born in a castle...as a servant. Her mother was disowned by her father and she ran for miles until she found her lover's home, the home of a lord who was having an affair but pretended her didn't know her. As soon as Abe was born, thought, her mother just disappeared. She was raised as a servant until the lord's home was burned down and all the servants were taken as slaves. She was taken to a witch village ruled by evil feminists who thought she was a man her entire life, since she was a late bloomer. It was until she fifteen that she began to become more comely.

One day Abe was sent to deliver a message to a priestess, but she was found nearly dead. The priestess, who had been fond of her, gave her a blessing to be free of the slavery. Abe ran away, not getting chased by the hounds because of the blessing, which confused the other witches because they knew nothing of it.  She learned to live on her own for a while and also found a monk to live with. He taught her many things , like safe herbs to eat, and also dressed her up as a young man to become a scribe and try to be a knight but she was eventually found out.

She became a mercenary and assassin for a king but then, after being caught, she escaped a a galactic prison and became a pirate. She helped fight and spy on people and organizations. Finally she decide to go on her own, looking for her mother and possibly her father. Her true aim, thought she doesn't really know it, is to find out what her purpose is in life.


Unknown Ending
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La Isabella Gambles

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