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 The Defense of Asmelia

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The Defense of Asmelia  Empty
Faction#1PostSubject: The Defense of Asmelia    The Defense of Asmelia  EmptyMon Nov 20, 2017 11:49 pm

The closest station frolicking fancies had just been taken over, though subtly, it was still unnerving. The talks with the Imperium had failed, and Sarah had a feeling that those who had ever taken over the close station would soon come for Asmelia. The two capital ships they had at this moment were the A.F Autumn Rose, and the A.F Matilda, though these were a huge advantage, only so much could be done. Soon a meeting was called, Sarah had bags under her eyes and was staring over a holographic map of Cabrion and Asmelia. The once smoothed skinned captain of the Aurora-7 was now beginning to develop wrinkles and gray streaks where in her hair, a side-affect of being in cryo freeze for so long..

"Sarah, is it as bad as you said." Sarah nodded softly, 
"afraid so.." the rest of the senate where taken aback
"No.." Sarah looked back down to the map, "You just got back Asmelia." Something snapped in Sarah, like the fire that had been smothered by the cryo-freeze reignited. "Someone, contact General Isha'ta, We're going to defend this planet.." 
"Yes ma'am.." 

"Attention citizens of Asmelia, i reach out to all of you to bring terrible news.." the crowd erupted in conversation, Sarah waited a few minutes and calmed the crowd down. "This week, the casino known as Frolicking Fancies has been captured by an unknown force, though we do not know for sure, we have reason to believe that Asmelia may be in the path of this unknown force." The crowd erupted again causing Sarah to calm them down again. "Our planet is that of a neutral trade hub supplying the armies in the front lines against the dreaded HELIX Virus, this advisory wants to take that away from us and take our home away from us." outcries of "HELL NO!" and "SELFISH BASTARDS" were heard. Sarah took this opportunity to engage in some anti-racism "Now, these foes aren't around you, the ones around you are your loved ones the Varanus and the Angels aren't your foes, they are your friends, the Leverians and others aren't your enemies, the Humans aren't your enemy, they are your allies." Cries of patriotism arose from the crowd as one another exchanged friendly hugs, high-fives, and all together uniting, the Varanus and Human, Angel and Leverian. They would all fight and die for Sanctuary, they would all fight and die for Asmelia. 

The largest ship, the A.F Autumn Rose flew over head, more cheers. Sarah held a fist to her chest and loudly said the words "The lives of the living are the memories of the dead!" and the crowd repeated The lives of the living are the memories of the dead! As these words were said the three orbital cannons rose from their resting positions aiming up at the sky. the souls of all the population of Asmelia with Sarah, it was truly a sight to behold, such Pride shakes attackers to their cores. The Atrata Federation spread its wings, as the armor of a thousand voices was draped across Asmelia. 

General Isha'ta sat beside Sarah, a elderly Varanus soldier, one of the orbiters that was on the Aurora-7. He was thinking deeply, going over strategies and countermeasures for the war to come. His time with the Imperium was honorable but now he served one of the most skilled leaders he had ever seen. The Old Varanus general had seen some horrid things in his time, he was at peace with those things since there was more to come. A cold wind blew in from the north, he felt it as an omen, that they were coming.. A defense was put up, a vanguard of battleships and Corvettes held at the front line, after so, the Matilda stayed, her railguns amped up to where they would tear through anything that was trying to conquer them. Like a Valkyrie spreading her wings and drawing her swords the Matilda powered up the newly implemented shielding, for now, they must fight.

The Lives of the dead are the memories of the living

-Innistrad 17
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The Defense of Asmelia

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