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 Kent Williams the Humordriey

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Kent Williams the Humordriey Empty#1PostSubject: Kent Williams the Humordriey   Kent Williams the Humordriey EmptyWed Nov 22, 2017 1:41 am

Name: Kent Williams
Species: Humordriey (Half human half ordriey)
Age: 23
Faction: The XMLC
Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Has high intuition and is intelligible. Chemist, geologist and botanist. He is physically active and learning and gaining knowledge of things he finds. Learned how to fight using Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Judo styles when going face to face physically with an opponent. This was learned from his family in general. He is not just a hand to hand combater but is also known for his artillery skills. Kent prefers to be hidden using his sniper point.

Very stubborn and argumentive to nearly everyone around him. Non sociable at most times. Heat is quite bothersome to Kent and can cause him to have convulsions if temperatures reach around 80 degrees Fahrenhieght.



Carries with him a pair of  R-22 Fusion Excecutioneer Pistols. (Eh will add more when I get back to this.)

Has some resistance to the cold and has high body temperatures. Physically is stronger than a normal human being. Possesses high resistance to toxins/poisons. Has the ability to fly and blend into the surroundings.


"Everyone lies to me to keep the truth from myself."

"Why do they lie?"

"They are afraid of what I will become."

"What is it that they fear you will become?"

"Betrayal. A monster."

"This betrayal... what or who is it they believe you would turn to instead?"

"Against humanity."

"Now why is it they believe you would betray humanity?"

"Because my father is ordriey..."

"Do you believe there is a difference between human and ordriey?"

"Never considered it."

"I know in the equality of all sentient species. If it can speak for itself. If it can do actions for itself with intelligible thought I know they shall not be treated so differently from one another. For which in all the ordriey and human shall live together in harmony, in peace. No blood thirsty wars because one has a different physical appearance. There shall be a leader uniting all. That one leader I know by heart in all shall be Danihg Zuhn Bagoon. He is to be the next king when shall King Bahn fall and take his place. His brother Yanihg must follow that path that he takes so that there shall be two kings."

Kent was born on Earth with his mother who is human though where exactly where he was born has yet to be found. If he was actually born on this planet but other evidences show he is originally from Ordrieyliensis. He had gone around human society for quite some time passing as just human up until when he started to finish maturing. He developed one of the most common things amongst the ordriey. Wings.

This is the only feature that can be completely hidden physically. Specialized layers of epidermis (Skin) cells resembling that of a chameleon. Williams possesses no physical forms of a tail, hooves nor horns by yet. Though he does possess a pair of sharp fangs and pointed ears. Has traces of a mane, thick dark brown near black hair and knubs where horns threaten to break skin surface.

Slight snub can be seen and his eyes are a stunning bright green. He rather resembles more that of an elf like appearance than ordriey. Kent starting at the age of 12 had began rescuing those who were in slavery wanting to give them second chances at freedom of life. One had stayed with him and lived with him from the start. A hermaphroditic shapeshifting sentient species called a darlikon, specifically be called a germamakon.

This darlikon lived with Kent since he was 12 years old and still sticks with him only staying behind when told to stay put. This darlikon's name is Jicaque Madrik. The humordriey had found hir kind quite fascinating as a marsupial thylacine shapeshifters that could glide for short distances. He had kept hir under his care until the day he would bring Jicaque back to his homeplanet one of these days. Kent has only now his own mysteries that he wants to discover of himself and the galaxy itself through science.



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Kent Williams the Humordriey

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