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 Wanted dead or alive

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Wanted dead or alive Empty#1PostSubject: Wanted dead or alive   Wanted dead or alive EmptyThu Nov 23, 2017 6:02 pm

Name: Lucious and Vivian coil
Species: Humans
Age: 31 and 35
Faction: Bandits
Alignment: True evil
Vivian and Lucious' pictures and pieces of backstory:
(npc's for Torrii's backstory thread)


-Combat synch. Lucious and Vivian work together perfectly, never targetting the same person yet always targetting the most dangerous opponent.
-Criminal masterminds. Lucious and Vivian are both intelligent criminals, knowing who to target and intimidate to reach their goals.
-Deadeyes. Lucious and Vivian are both sharp shots. While they are not extremely fast to aim or draw it's balanced out by their henchmen providing supressing fire.

-Bandits. Both Lucious and Vivian are driven by greed and a lust for power. They own a small crew of bandits and answer to no one. They are guilty of many crimes wich is why they are chased by almost any ranger that ever heard of the city Dodgeston. They also cant think of anyone but their own and also often act before thinking.
-Superstitious. Lucious and Vivian are deathly afraid of magic, specifically the darker kinds yet they resent religion and denounce the existance of a god in their 'ranks'.


Both Lucious and Vivian carry heavy revolvers and medium armor.


The wild west of areas around the great city of Dodgeston is riddled with crime and banditism. Criminal warlords make it extremely hard to get by fairly even with the amount of rangers, sherrifs and debuties roaming the lands. Two notable crimelords are named Lucious and Vivian Coil. A peacekeeper turncoat and former prostitute hailing from a small village far across the mehova desert. They started out as partners in crime, originally planning to only do a few heists together but as they went on it became more and more obvious that they were too much of a good team to seperate. 

3 years ago Lucious and Vivian discovered a legend of a small fisher's village across the ruined bay named the hollow harbor. Rumor has it that no one can ever die in hollow harbor, a rumor that got Lucious and Vivian instantly hooked as it would be too good to pass up, especially when they could turn it into their lair for the bandits, safe from the peacekeepers trying to bring them to justice. For 3 years Lucious and Vivian have been searching the lands for the hollow harbors, robbing and killing everyone who stands between them and the mapmakers and postal carriages that may hold clues as to where to go next...



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Wanted dead or alive

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