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 FLASHBACKS of Isabella

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FLASHBACKS of Isabella Empty
Private#1PostSubject: FLASHBACKS of Isabella   FLASHBACKS of Isabella EmptyMon Nov 27, 2017 12:59 pm

[Scene: Isabella, her mother, and her sister are resting in the sitting room. Isabella is getting her hair braided by her older sister, Ruth, and her mother is studying her tablet.]

Isabella: [after a moment of silence and soft humming] Mother, what are you doing?

Mother: [tsks] Do I really have to repeat myself, Bella?

Isabella: Yes- [is smacked by Ruth] Sorry.

Mother: Really, Ruth-

Ruth: She doesn't listen! Maybe I you actually stuck to teaching her a lesson, she would remember everything there is to know.

Isabella: [doesn't cry or act solemn] Mother never told us about her profession, so I wanted to know. Questions deserve praise, not chastisement.

Ruth: [raises hand but Mother gives her a look] You are such a spoiled little girl! [yanks braids tight and pulls at Isabella's scalp]

Isabella: You know it doesn't hurt, Sister-

Ruth: That's because you're cursed, just like your father. [finishes braid quickly] You're too lucky. You're just like those street urchins you hang around with but you get everything!

Isabella: I'm not cursed, I just don't feel pain like everyone else.

Ruth: WE KNOW-[pauses and takes a moment to calm down] We know...sister-

Isabella: Mother, why does she keep saying things like that-

Mother: [grabs Ruth's collar, which rips a little. Ruth cries out] Say another thing, daughter, and I swear I'll hit you worst than you hit you're little sister.

Ruth: [turns red with fury] SHE'S NOT MY SISTER.

Mother: RUTH!

Isabella: [takes Ruth's hand] Yes you are, because I love you.

Ruth: That makes absolutely NO sense, idiot!

Isabella: If I love you like a sister, you are my sister-

Mother: Bell! Hush now, you'll only anger you're dear sister more.[grabs Ruth's arm and pulls her to her room] Come child, enough of this.

Ruth: [eyes widen] I'm sorry, Moth-

[they both leave into another room, door slamming close]

Isabella: [plays with hair, a small frown on her lips] Ruth is my sister...because I love my sister...
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FLASHBACKS of Isabella

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