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 Elizabeth Penree (Updated)

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Elizabeth Penree

Galactic Systems Union
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Elizabeth Penree (Updated) Empty#1PostSubject: Elizabeth Penree (Updated)   Elizabeth Penree (Updated) EmptyTue Nov 28, 2017 2:18 pm

Elizabeth Penry
Penny (she hates this nickname!)
Sexual Preference:
She has no interest in romance, though this can change. (Just play your cards right, and she is straight)
GSU, though it may not seem that way sometimes.
Chaotic Neutral
Bionic Enhancements:
Elizabeth was born with nearly destroyed lungs. She has Bionic lungs, replacing her old ones. She can hold her breath for a very long time due to this and is able to breath in tainted air. Her mutation is much more drastic though. Elizabeth has thin black scales that cover parts of her forearms and thighs. These scales also grow over her back as well. Her pupils are slitted and her canines are slightly elongated. She also has small claws in place of finger- and toenails. She also has a 4.5 foot long black, scaly tail, and dragon-like wings following the same pattern.

After getting trapped on a Helix infested planet, Elizabeth lost her arm to their soldiers. As such, she was forced to cobble together a new arm from the bodies of dead soldiers.


Elizabeth has deep red hair and vibrant, electric blue eyes. There is a light splattering of freckles across her upper cheeks and nose. Her pupils are slitted, and there are thin, black scales that cover her back, the tops of her forearms, and her thighs. Her slightly elongated canines are only visible when she smiles, giving her a slightly sinister look. Her wings are typically hidden under her coat, and her tail is usually wrapped around her right leg, keeping it out of the way.
Elizabeth enjoys wearing an old, tattered brown trench coat. However, her coat is now more patches and pockets then actual coat. She wears a white t-shirt, which is covered in oil and grease stains, that is tucked into her blue jeans. She wears a brown leather belt and brown leather boots. She carries a 10mm Glock in a brown thigh holster on her right leg.

She has a mechanical arm that has replaced her right arm. Also, there are three, jagged scars on her left side, remnants of past wounds.

(Look at the face, ignore the dress; also, her body dimensions are the same as in the picture, add in the scales, wings, and tail)
Elizabeth Penree (Updated) 8a537010
Elizabeth Penree (Updated) Ejwvy110

Elizabeth is a soft spoken girl. By soft spoken, I mean that she follows the saying "Speak softly and carry a big stick" almost religiously. She doesn't care for most people, as they just annoy her. She is not religious at all either. She enjoys scrapping old technologies and modifying them for her own use. (Robot army!!!) She is typically ice cold towards people, but if she has some technology to play with, then she is as happy as a clam.

After going through the Academy, Elizabeth’s attitude towards others has grown even more stoic than before. However, her temper has gotten a lot worst. Elizabeth cannot take stupidity in any form. While crashing could be considered stupid, Elizabeth still knows what to do if it happens.

Spending two years with a gun to your head will tend to make you more cynical. While Elizabeth has learned to enjoy the finer things in life, such as actual, physical food, she tends to look at things in the worst possible way. If someone important dies, she will always assume that it was anything other than natural.

1) Can breath in tainted air.
2) She is really good with any sort of technology
3) Can control lightning

1) She is really bad with people
2) She is extremely vulnerable to EMP blasts
3) Elizabeth has a nasty temper

1) Grey trench coat
2) White t-shirt
3) black pants
4) black combat boots
5) black belt
6) black shoulder bag
7) 10mm Glock (no bullets though)
Cool a very sharp longsword, It has a processor in the blade and a battery in the handle, Elizabeth uses it to channel her electricity  (1.5 hand handle, 2.5 foot blade)

9) A set of titanium and polymer based armor.

1) She can fly (though not well)
2) She can control electricity 
3) Technomancy

Elizabeth was born to a human mother, one that died when she was only 12. Since then, Elizabeth has worked in many jobs, most of which were centered on scrapyards and the like. She had finally earned enough money for her operation, allowing her to truly live life.

After travelling through space for a while, Elizabeth felt her calling for the Knight’s Academy among the GSU. Making her way there, the young woman undoubtedly crashed onto the planet. However, she was still admitted into the school. It was almost certainly on account of her technomancy and ability to control electricity. Her time in the Academy was hard, pushing her past her mental and physical barriers every day. She was forced to use more and more lightning at any one time, making her stamina and control thousands of times greater than before. Her magic progressed as well. She was no longer the simple technomancer from before, instead, she was a master of machines.

After finally graduating from the Academy, Elizabeth was sent to the front lines, as the Helix Virus had grown in power. However, her ship had experienced an engine failure near an uninhabited planet. Well, it was supposed to be uninhabited. Instead, it was infested with Helix Soldiers.

After spending two years on the unnamed planet, Elizabeth has grown by leaps and bounds from where she was only two years prior. Now able to control twice the amount of machines as before, Elizabeth has also developed the ability to see through other machines. In order to protect herself, Elizabeth was forced to develop her powers even further, resulting in the ability to ‘consume’ electricity and wield five distinct whips of lightning without having them be connected to her in any way. As for how she escaped that planet, well, EMP bombs, even improvised ones, can work wonders.

She can manipulate electrons, but needs to have a medium, in her case it's technology, otherwise she would blow herself up.
She can force molecular bonds or dismantle them
She can send an electrical current through a circuit, thus understanding all the individual pieces of said circuit. However, she won't quite understand the circuit as a whole

Can control huge waves of lightning in a very precise manner.

Elizabeth is able to control a more finer stream of lightning, often resembling a snake. It is roughly twenty feet long, and Elizabeth can control up to five of them. However, her maximum range is 100 feet.

Elizabeth can consume electricity in place of food, but it doesn’t fill her up at all.


Elizabeth can control any machine she so chooses, however the size and complications of the machine will determine how many and how well she can control it.

Right now, Elizabeth can control up to 20 Helix Soldiers with little difficulty. 40 Soldiers is her upper limit.

Elizabeth is able to hijack a machine’s wireless connectors, connecting them to her helmet, thus allowing her to see through its sensors.

Elizabeth Penree (Updated) Red_si10
Elizabeth Penree (Updated) Commis10


Elizabeth Penree (Updated) Armor_10

Name: Elizabeth's Black Market Lungs
Owner: Elizabeth
Creator: Some random, possibly sketchy, dude
Development Thread: n/a
Type: A set of lungs, though mechanical
Use: It lets Elizabeth breath
Rarity: Unique
Allows Elizabeth to breath in any atmosphere as long as there is at least some oxygen in it
Extremely vulnerable to EMP blasts
Cannot see Elizabeth breath, so when she is asleep, it looks as though she is dead
What do you think it looks like? It's a set of bionic lungs.

Elizabeth Penree (Updated) 17l_su11

Name: Elizabeth's Lightning Rod of a Sword
Owner: Elizabeth Penry
Creator: Elizabeth Penry
Type: An Electronic Longsword
Ammo: It can fire bolts of lightning if Elizabeth charges it up enough
Rarity: Unique, however, if commisioned to do so, then Elizabeth can make a modified version
Being a conductor
Can burn stuff
Elizabeth can store a charge in the sword's battery
Does not work well on nonconducting armors or materials
The bolts of lightning are super hard to control
The Sword looks like your average hand and a half longsword. The main part of the blade is made of steel, however, there is a copper matrix within the blade, allowing it to hold and store a charge for longer. In the leather clad handle is a large-charge holding battery that Elizabeth uses to store her excess power.
Elizabeth Penree (Updated) 8d9d6104f824111590d48fc74f0d219f

Name: The Levitating Piece of Metal
Owner: Elizabeth Penry
Manufacturer: Elizabeth Penry
Development Thread: 
Type: A hoverboard thing
Materials: Steel, copper, electronics, a solar energy cell canvas
Length/Height: Length: 2 meters; Height: 3 meters
Rarity: (Unique
(Grade the aspects of the vehicle below between 1-10. 1 being severely lacking in that aspect, 10 being specialized. Keep things balanced.)
Weapons: 4, two small gun turrets in the front of the board, powered by Elizabeth's lightning
Armour: 1, might as well be 0
Shields: 3, No intrinsic shields, Elizabeth can infuse the outer matrix with lightning thus making it act like a shield
Speed: 9, It's really bloody fast
Handling: 9, Turns easily but needs the rider to know how to handle it
Notable Equipment
two small gun turrets on the front
Elizabeth-powered shields
Elizabeth creates the first rendition of this vehicle after crash landing on the planet TK-47 with Rev. She dismantles her old ship, using its core and gravity generator to make this vehicle.
This is what it looks like:
Elizabeth Penree (Updated) 74c43a87d5c8ae10551ffa403222c134
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Level 2

Elizabeth Penree

Galactic Systems Union
Posts : 11
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Elizabeth Penree (Updated) Empty
Elizabeth Penree (Updated) Empty#2PostSubject: Re: Elizabeth Penree (Updated)   Elizabeth Penree (Updated) EmptyTue Nov 28, 2017 3:29 pm

[size=33]Name: Elizabeth's fucked up arm[/size]
[size=33]Owner: Elizabeth Penree[/size]
[size=33]Creator: Penree[/size]

[size=33]Development Thread: [/size]

[size=33]Type: An Arm[/size]
[size=33]Use: Elizabeth’s arm was originally intended to merely be a replacement, however, as she needed, changes were made. The hand is a very powerful weapon and tool.[/size]
[size=33]Rarity: Unique[/size]

[size=33]Close combat fighting, Pinpoint destruction[/size]

[size=33]No long range capabilities, can short circuit if it gets wet.[/size]

[size=33]Elizabeth’s arm, while originally nothing more than a replacement, developed into its own, personalized, weapon. There are sensors along the knuckles that, when pushed, send out the same amount of energy that a lightning bolt will give. Albeit, this is in a very small area, effectively blowing apart whatever she hits. There are sensors on the tips of the fingers that can do this, though the power they discharge is minimal compared to the knuckles. In the middle of the palm is a Lightning generator. It typically uses either Elizabeth’s own power, or any power she has stored in the arm or her armor[/size]
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Level 2

Elizabeth Penree

Galactic Systems Union
Posts : 11
Reputation : 2


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Elizabeth Penree (Updated) Empty#3PostSubject: Re: Elizabeth Penree (Updated)   Elizabeth Penree (Updated) EmptyTue Nov 28, 2017 3:31 pm

Name: Helix Corpse V2
Owner: Elizabeth Penree
Creator: Elizabeth Penree

Development Thread:

Type: Titanium playing with a specialized polymer that helps in the storage of electrons.
Magic Resistance: 2
Physical Resistance: 5
Rarity: Unique

High speed maneuverability. The Helix Corpse is easily worked on as well.

Lots of breaks in the armor open up a lot of places for a small weapon to get into.

Her armor’s most powerful systems are located in the back and in her helmet. It has a comms system as well as a very powerful interface. The helmet doesn’t obstruct her vision at all as it merely shows her what she would be seeing in the first place. The armor is able to store an electric charge as well, roughly equivalent to 1000 lightning bolts. While it doesn’t hold up well by itself, when Elizabeth is wearing it she is able to put out an extremely strong electromagnetic force, often times averting any iron or nickel based ammunition. Any magic based off of electricity does not harm the armor either
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Elizabeth Penree (Updated) Empty
Elizabeth Penree (Updated) Empty#4PostSubject: Re: Elizabeth Penree (Updated)   Elizabeth Penree (Updated) Empty

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Elizabeth Penree (Updated)

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