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 The Building of a New Angel

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The Building of a New Angel Empty
Faction#1PostSubject: The Building of a New Angel   The Building of a New Angel EmptySat Dec 02, 2017 1:25 pm


Talking filled the air, holographic displays sat in rows upon rows. Several people walk to and from going about their daily lives. This is the Atrata Federation Aerospace Building, where all the Spacecraft for the atrata get planned and put into being built. Today was a big day however, since today was when the new capital ship plans were supposed to arrive at the building. It was a special request put in by Sarah. A large ship to say the least.

After the Building of the A.F Nova Valkyrie the whole entire agency has been rearing for more. Soon they will be building a new Angel,  the A.F Seraph's Blade. The plan put in was a large ship, 14 kilometers. One of the largest ships the AFAMB had ever built. Holographic models of the ship were in process of being made. The ship was rumored to have two large railguns instead of one, twice the firepower, but twice the cost. 

The whole agency was buzzing when the plans finally did arrive, they began handing out copies to the whole agency, those who received one looked over the blueprints hungrily taking in each and every small detail about the new A.F Seraph's Blade. When someone pointed something out, "Sir! These engines aren't powerful enough to create the necessary push to get this thing around." 
"Not a problem, we'll just add some alterations to the blueprints, edit the drawings to have a more powerful push."
"Yes sir!" The agency went back to work altering the blueprints on the holographic displays.

-Innistrad 17
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The Building of a New Angel

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