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 Ordriey Hunt

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Danihg Zuhn Bagoon
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The Ordriey Prince

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Public#1PostSubject: Ordriey Hunt   Wed Dec 06, 2017 6:49 am

Danihg stormed through the forest angrily slamming into trees and shrubbery here and there carrying a basket strapped to hir back. The land itself, the organisms there responded by lighting up brightly with bioluminescence colors. They were erratic to the pissed off ordriey passing through. Ordrieyliensis, a whole world that is believed to be a whole organism itself bringing life to this once desolate rock upon the first introduced ordriey who came by in a multitude brought with them the knowledge of biotech. Living biological technologies synergizing with other lifeforms alike.

The ordriey stopped by a tall wooden pole he began to just punch into it, screaming with frustration of hir own personal issues he was having. Wishing for them to all cease but it had only gotten much worse. Danihg's responsibility still lied with hir own young which he kept on jeopardizing their lives without meaning to at most times. He blamed it all for hir mate having abandoned hir to care for them entirely by hirself which proved to be difficult to a single ordriey who depend on one another. The continuous punching and slamming fists into the pole led to knuckles being cut and bruised.

This didn't stop Danihg which he became angrier by the second and blood was now covering hir knuckles. It had not led hir to feel any better than just pain and damaging hirself more and more, the hair and skin was a dark greyish color which showed only when an ordriey was distressed. Tears were beginning to weld up but those bright green eyes showed none other than frustration and anger. The ordriey had hir equipment, hir most favored weapons carried and mostly hidden under the coat he wore from the XMLC. Ears flicking and eyes darting around at every movement ready to just savagely chase after it and tear it apart even if it were obvious but the ordriey just felt it needed something to focus on.
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Danihg Zuhn Bagoon The Ordriey's Theme Song
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Keithen Nieminen

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Public#2PostSubject: Re: Ordriey Hunt   Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:48 pm

He was walking through the woods of whatever planet he managed to get to. This place was weird and interesting. He heard of it before here and there but avoided it till now to get some ideas for a plan and resources that he might be able to use for different purposes. Everything seemed weird and felt weird also as though his blind senses were tingling. This place felt other worldly.

As he stalked quietly (Well as quietly as he can) about the forest alert for the slighest sound or feel of danger. He freezes immediately when he hears something getting pinched, the metalic smell of blood and the vibration and sense of anger and sadness. He crept towards the sound and the dangerous aura which was every growing more apparent. Seeing what seemed like a huge being harming itself by punching a tree to the point where he has harmed himself. Moving closer he hides behind what he could see how big the being was and how obviously upset and dangerous it was. Getting a few feet away he watches intently and quietly. His instincts were telling him to run but he wanted to help him. 

This was completely idiotic, Keithen thinks making a bold of lightning and sending it to hit the beast.
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Ordriey Hunt

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