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 Zaegrim's Spirit

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Approved#1PostSubject: Zaegrim's Spirit   Zaegrim's Spirit EmptySat Jan 21, 2017 12:09 am

Name: Zaegrim'a Oqh (Zaegrim's Spirit)
Habitable: Yes
Terrain: The planet has a mixture of climates and geographical formations. The planet is about 70% water with large landmasses.
Size: Medium
Population: 100% Zaegrim'a Nzani - due to generational interbreeding between Ex-Crusade and Native Individuals
Location: Anywhere somewhere halfway between UNSC and DC - slightly closer to DC due to their origins.

Development Thread: If the planet contains any powerful locations or objects, a thread must accompany the submission to earn the right to create such a place.

The planet's denizens use magitek - a mix of scientific progress and magical energy. Similar to the Demonic Crusade.

Generations ago, members of the Demonic Crusade defected and arrived at the planet - then named Ada'av'insa. They were met by the planet's natives, who were benevolent and open to outsiders. Sharing of technology and knowledge ensued, and it all eventually led to the interbreeding between species. After many generations, purebloods of either originator species died out completely, replaced with a completely new species - The Children of Zaegrim. Since then, the Children have been the sole sentient denizens of Zaegrim's Spirit.

Zaegrim's Spirit is a planet similar in make and appearance to Earth. Both are mostly comprised of water on the surface, but Zaegrim's Spirit has about 20% more solid dry land than Earth. Stretching around the entirety of "Spirit";s equator is "Zaegrim's Wrath" - a serires of volcanoes that different significantly in age and activity; some are still active, but most are currently dormant. The ones that are active often erupt, but it's never at dangerous levels, and the large oceans surrounding this band of volcanoes acts as a natural barrier to the burning molten lava. The obsidian which forms as a result is one of the building materials used for Inquisitional Architecture.

On both sides of the horizontal band of volcanoes are the planet's major oceans - Zaegrim's Tears (Northern) and Zaegrim's Cry (Southern). These oceans are split into directional correlations for ease of navigation and information (ex: The Northern Tear or the Eastern Cry).

There are several large landmasses on the planet, but described here are the two important ones.

On the northern side of the Wrath is "Zaegrim's Pride". The Inquisition's Capital city of the same name resides here. The Pride is full temperate forests and grasslands, with Zaegrim's Teeth (a large span of mountains that crosses from Northwest to Northeast of the Pride with deep coniferous forests) to the north.

The largest forest is on the west side of the Pride - Zaegrim's Mane. The Mane consists of temperate trees mixed with lakes and underground cave complexes with pools and other fantastic formations. The Mane also houses the huge, ancient tree, "Zaegrim's Lover", which is believed to house the spirit of the woman Zaegrim once held dear more than anyone. The east of the Pride consists of wetlands (not swamps) with plenty of watersources and smaller forests and woods dotting the landscape.

Sitting to the south of the Wrath is "Zaegrim's Joy". The Joy is more badlandish and savannah. The Joy is also where most of the industrialization owes its strength as there has been many discoveries of precious metals and resources here. The industrial city, also named "Zaegrim's Joy" sits on this continent providing the rest of the Inquisition with goods and resources on a regular basis.

The northernmost section of the Joy consists of craggy, dry cliffs and mesas with the desert "Zaegrim's Fury" at the center. Those who brave the harsh conditions find hidden bounties above and below these sandy plains.

"Zaegrim's Bounty" consists of the savannahs, grasslands, and tropical forests that occupy the West, Center, and East of the Joy. The Southern part of the Joy is bitter cold with nothing of value but glaciers and snowy peaks of solid ice that are aesthetically pleasing. During the winter months, one can see dancing "stars" that flit about these frozen masses - and people will often visit this harsh climate just to get a glimpse.

Until recently, the Joy had been plagued by semi-sentient creatures called "Zvagni" who were basically a very aggressive and very hostile species of large feline-like specimens.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Zaegrim's Spirit   Zaegrim's Spirit EmptySat Jan 21, 2017 12:19 am

Loving the lore of this place. Approved.

Will add to the map in the next update.
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Zaegrim's Spirit

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