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Name: Elipso
Planetary map: Elipso map
Habitable: Not within the Goldilocks zone, for Humans the surface is unhabitable, but the underground is habitable.
Moons: 3 (small)

Terrain: Elipso is a barren Ice planet on the surface, its poles consist of large Ice caps marked by hundreds of meters high cliffs causing a planetary wide valley along the equator. 

Size: Small ~5000 km diameter.

Colony Population:
80% Human
20% Droid

Native Population:
?% Ice skaters


Location: 160° 17,500 ly

Solar system: (Spectral class G, Main sequence star) - Planet (I) - Planet (II) - Elipso (III) - Asteroid belt (A) - Gas giant (VI) - Asteroid belt (B)
Elipso Elipso14

Space Stations: 
1. Elipso satellite hub - Geostationary orbit around Elipso - Small 
1. Elipso shuttle station - Low circular orbit around Elipso - Small
--No known knowledge of any other major space stations or planetary settlements in the solar system--

History: Elipso was founded 300 years ago by rebel UNSC scientists as a planet that nobody would look for them, an ice planet that hosts no life so they thought. Upon arriving at the planet they formed a surface settlement  SUR-S-01 which prospered for the first decade before the Ice skaters appearances. The creatures repeatedly slaughtered the colonists mercilessly before disappearing into the subsurface, soon after it was decided by the Humans to hunt the creatures below the surface using their tunnels. As the hunt carried on throughout the years the colonists began to settle and expand upon the giant living burrows made by these creatures, large underground cities formed within them and a grid of tunnel (rail) networks both human made and originally Ice Skater made are used to transit across the planet. While shuttles are used to transit planet to space station hub, these are weather permitting as Elipso can have planetary storms stopping all in atmosphere flight. What outside contact Elipso has with the galaxy is very limited, very few people know of its existence.

Government: Simply, a utilitarianism-based society. Each city is ruled with autonomy by a 'low-government', there is a 'high-government' which rules all lower-governments. This governmental system formed due to the underground rail networks as being the only source of transport, the corporation that run it took advantage forming the current governmental system and uses it to keep the low-governments in line with their policies. 

Technology: Elipso is a very science orientated culture that strive to live in a science-utopia of sorts, due to their ancestors being scientists, instead of fighting the Ice Skaters themselves they created machines and automations to fight on their behalf. Their technology while human based, has evolved into a unique-branch of its own.

Military: While much of the fighting is done by automations, The high-government have a special branch force called 'EOE' which stands for Elipso enforcement officers. They act as the secret police enforcing the high-governments will deployed both by air and rail. Within the cities the low-governments have their own milita commonly named [city]-guard e.g. Ironfield guard. 


The future of Elipso: The Ice Skaters are returning, their raids have shut many of the rail tunnels in turn reducing the power of the high-government. Will there be a civil war? 

Other information: Elipso is a isolated and relatively unknown planet, the local populace have been segregated from the galaxy causing observable idiosyncrasies to an outsider, for example paler skin and bright yellow eyes are a common theme due to living underground. This segregation has naturally caused suspicion towards the rare outsiders that do visit. 

Settlement information table:
SUR = Surface
EQ = Equatorial
CF = Cliff face
SAT = Satellite

Elipsian flag:
While this flag is unknown to the galaxy it can be commonly seen hanging from government buildings in all of Elipso cities.
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I love the detail you put into planets.

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