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Approved#1PostSubject: Aunus   Aunus EmptyThu Jan 26, 2017 1:02 pm

Name: Aunus(honest)

Habitable: Yes
Terrain: Snow
Size: Medium, like Neptune

Population: 40% Human, 25% Vampire, 20% Demon, and 15% Other
Location: Any
Development Thread:


A ship full of demons and humans who had dark incentives approached the planet many centuries ago and built many connecting cities. They don't have advanced technology and primarily use magic.


0-1500 years
There were only animals. Luscious forest and beautiful blue oceans covered the earth(Aunus). On this planet there were special trees called the Grolav and they produced fruit shaped like keys and locks. Some say that if you found the perfect match, you can unlock something very sacred or magical.

Huge giant creatures, golems maybe, came from deep within the earth and were said to protect it. But then they died off, leaving hills strangely shaped like humanoids and covered in moss.

A meteor crashed into Aunus and began the ice age. It took the world a thousand years to become habitable, but by then the animals already evolved for such things and they only had to survive the ash and intense forest fires. Now the planet has oceans full of icebergs, snowforests that are the winter version of rainforests, and tundras instead of deserts.

Period of silence, when all living creatures went underground.

Animals reappeared and at this same time, an aircraft full of demons and humans appeared and came to live on the planet, growing numerous cities. Soon the demons changed some humans into vampires using dark magic.

Elves and other creatures came and everyone accepts everyone here, as long as you don't mind the use of dark magic.


The planet is divided into six zones and only one has any green life without snow.

Zone One: Eroshia (capital)
Size: Twice New York
Eroshia is a huge city, twice the size of New York, that sits on the Floating Island. This island was created from the Impact, where the meteor hit the planet. It's the only place in the world that doesn't have snow all year. Below it lays the Dark Zone, which will be explained later.

In Eroshia is the main government and it watches over all of the other zones. It's population is 950 million.

Zone Two: The Dark Zone
Size: New York, very deep, almost to core
The Dark Zone, called the Fathom Zone by newcomers and X'xanas(ex-eggs-ee-nash) by the primitive natives. The worst criminals, the most corrupt demons, and anyone who wants to live in a place very similar to hell are banished there. The meteor created a barrier around the crater so nothing can escaped. Everthing there, even animals, eventually lose there minds and go blood thirsty.

Zone Three: Sa'weya(sa-way-ah)
Size: United States & Canada
This is a flat place with many small villages on top, with farms underneath. The well villages are: Vanerus, well-known for their skilled blacksmiths; Ha'raas, the farming center, and Sacrates, the mining center.

Zone Four: Yaun(yawn)
Size: Brazil
This is where the largest rainforest lays, but instead of green everything is covered in snow. The sky is always clear and sunny, though.

Zone Five: Kvan(kevin)
Size: Mexico
This is where the primitive live, near the sacred areas of Aunus. The speaking animals live here, the ones who moved underground during the Period of Silence. The natives, who are called this because of their tribal ways, are very religious and they go on a pilgrimage to the Dark Zone every year, praying to their God(Ethon'wey).

Zone Six: Selandor
Size: Islands
This place is in the oceans, where islands are. These islands are just snow, but many vampires who felt like outcast live here. Most of the towns and the villages are I the mountains. The biggest island which is very secluded and has a strange source of dark magic, even since the planet was born, is inhabited and unnamed. Ancients created a maze on the island. All of the creatures there do not like anyone on the island and the only way to make it safe to live on is to finish the maze and control the Creation Source. It is what powers the world.

NOTE: The years are before the current date.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Aunus   Aunus EmptyThu Jan 26, 2017 3:39 pm

I like the way you described the planet's environment.

Approved, pending secondary confirmation via administrator.
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Approved#3PostSubject: Re: Aunus   Aunus EmptyThu Jan 26, 2017 3:44 pm

Secondary Approved!
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