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 Lux Donum

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Clan Kyodain
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Clan Kyodain

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Lux Donum 6qjgdXO

Name: Lux Donum
Habitable: Yes
Terrain: Forested/mountainous
Size: Roughly 1.7 the size of earth
Population: ~90% Seraphim and 10% other species.
Location: 60,000 LY, 350 degrees

Development Thread: http://convergencerp.forumotion.com/t289-establishment-of-clan-kyodain#2464

The planet itself has a mediocre level of technology. However, the system is home to all five Seraphim motherships and a vast amount of untapped natural resources, giving Clan Kyodain an impressive amount of production power, infrastructure, and defensive ability for a single system.

Initial scans by Mothership Kyodain revealed that the system is relatively young, sitting at a mere 3 billion years and still having not evolved intelligent life. Clan Kyodain immediately decided to settle the planet and began constructing the necessary facilities for a fully functional colony. Although the clan initially started with a small population on the surface of the planet, the number of individuals living on the surface has consistently grown as the Seraphim construct additional and more advanced infrastructure on the surface and construct new stations throughout the system.

Seraphim Colony:

Seraphim structures are traditionally dome-like and sunken into the ground as per the instructions given by AI Kyodain. There are currently dozens of self-sufficient Kyodain settlements scattered throughout the planet’s single supercontinent. These settlements most always have a factory, communal farm, dropship port, and a few battlesuits for defense and can have populations ranging from the low hundreds to ten thousand at most. Though several have planet-based mines or larger industrial farms to provide food for other settlements with a larger focus on industry or mining. The largest population center is a large city called Castellum, located near the equator on the easternmost side of the continent, which houses multiple industrial factories and farms. It’s production capabilities rival that of a typical Seraphim mothership. Though with time, the city's infrastructure will be able to exceed that of even Mothership Kyodain since it’s location on a planet allows for expansion over a large area.

The system itself consists of one rocky planet close to the sun (not unlike mercury), Lux donum, three small gas planets, and two asteroid belts (one located between Lux Donum and the first gas giant, the other located between the second and third gas giant).  there are an ever increasing number of stations whose purposes range from energy collectors to orbital starship construction bays surrounding the planet and on the moon. There are also multiple mining stations positioned throughout the system’s pair of asteroid belts. A large trading station is currently under construction to be located just outside the gravity well of Lux Donum and on a similar orbit. Each of Clan Kyodain’s four core Motherships (Kyodain, Shisoka, Senshi, and Tochi) are stationed throughout the system and consistently travel throughout, although they do not leave. Mothership Sorano is currently on standby to be deployed as control for another system.

"From the abyss, we come to unite angels" 
-Mothership Kyodain motto

Faction lead for Clan Kyodain (Side account of Elias)
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Lux Donum

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