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 Black Garden

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Approved#1PostSubject: Black Garden   Black Garden EmptySun Feb 26, 2017 5:17 pm

Black Garden 47625810


Black Garden


Hardly, but habitable.


Mostly snowy , mountainous terrain.


Medium sized planet.


Around 250 millions. Mostly consist of Humanity ( Around 55% ) and other humanoid species. ( Meif'wa - ~35% , other ~10%)



Development Thread:

N/A (For now ~)


Space Era technology, brought here by fellow Human colonists.


Not much is known about the Black Garden. It's a dangerous planet that many would prefer to avoid - mostly because of it's cold climate. It's not extreme, bue it make living here a difficult. Still, some willing souls have been found, and now we can notice large colonies, filled with Humans and Meif'wa species.

Soon after colonisation the whole planet managed to strength it's atmosphere, what succeeded in increase of minimal and maximal temperatures - but the change was so little that Black Garden is still a cold and unfriendly place for anyone.

The planet’s name comes from name of first colony ever made - Black Rose. And so, every next colony was called after some sort of black colored flower.


Typical temperature:
From -20° to around -80°

SNOW . If you don't like snowing, then an alternative will be a extreme snowstorm that is actually quite common here.
During the "Summer Time" however, there is a chance that sky would be clear for a few days. It's usually considered for the most beautiful thing during the whole year - this is the time when many auroras are visible around the whole planet.

Even if whole planet is one big snowball, there is a place for life - some sorts of really durable plants has grown on lower parts of the planet, what caused a creation of atmosphere with actual oxygen.
Majority of plants are snowy mosses and dwarf shrubs. Some of them provides a planet's special fruit - called Blue Snowflakes by colonists. It's a little, dark blue ball filled with tasty yet hard pulp. After discovering, it was putted into the greenhouses - now Blue Snowflakes are a sort of really small trees grown on massive scale around the colonies.

No interesting species were found on the planet - Only some sorts of bugs, as well as animals that have been brought by the colonist's ships.

Additional Info:
Planet posses a special metal, hidden deep under the surface of the planet.
White Rose Steel - That's how it’s called. Lightweight yet very durable, it became a common in construction of anything on the planet, from tools, by vehicles and weapons, opn buildings ending.

Major Colonies and Places of Interest:

Black Rose
A beating heart of the planet, the first and main colony on the planet. Placed between the four main mountains, and so, part of colony is technically an underground facility, some of it is a low surface part, and another are buildings made on the sides of mountains. Since the mountains were close enough to each other, a large glass/steel platform has been made right above the major part of colony. Such construction allowed colonists to make a life-friendly place, with normal temperatures and it's own atmosphere.
From main structures, there's a dock made on the largest mountain, giving a whole colony a connection with space, and allowing an actual Export and Import. It's also a place of cargo holds.
House part of colony is mostly set undergound - normal people have been provided with basic, standard issue quarters, allowing to house about 6 people per one family. THere are also main Greenhouses, providing the minimal food needed for the colony.
The centre part - under the glass platform - is a main part of colony, with actual shops and working places. It's also a place of main entertainment buildings, as well as main government infrastructure.
The Tower also have its main stronghold here - placed right on the top (and sides as well... and inside too!) of lowest mountain.

Black Lilith
This colony is a place for main digging sites, as well as factories and manufactures. Completely based on industry, it provides Black Garden colonists with metal special for the planet - Rose Steel.
Placed on the foot of a - you guessed it - mountain, it's mostly an underground industry facility. on the surface, there's a little space port - capable of welcoming and even providing repairs of smaller units.
It's also connected with Black Rose via a long, steel tunnel, making a sort of highway from one place to another.

There's nothing much to tell about tunnel, it's just a special construction that connects any colonies on the planet with Black Rose, making one big highway. While the top of it is filled with many windows letting a soft light of the day in. Still, for the whole day, tunnel is lighted by many lamps setted up one the ceiling. there are also common patrols of Tower soldiers, patrolling whole road for any problems - technical, structural, or dangerous situations made by rogue colonists.

Many little colonies
There are also few colonies that aren't worth describing. Well, at least for now.

The Tower Stronghold

Placed next to the Black Rose, it's a big and famous military fort. Technically the best defended place on the whole planet - it provides major defense invasions or simple attack threats. It's also a training ground for the military forces of The Tower - Religious Military faction.
Whole facility is square - shaped fort made from steel and smooth stone. Or something that looks like stone...
It have three main levels.
The lowest part is main wall of the fortress - Keeping anybody who's not welcome outside, and providing a good defense line in case of land invasion. The only gate is keeping the fortress separated from the tunnel that allows traveling down to the the Black Rose and up again to the Stronghold. On the corners there are special AA Artillery positions, making sure that no  enemy plane nor dropship will be safe in Stronghold's range.

Second part is inside and deeper into the mountain. This is where main part of the stronghold is - Barracks, canteens, training fields, firing ranges, armory... Everything that a good soldier would need to be a good soldier.

The last Level is right above the second. Technically, you can call it head quarters of the whole fortress and faction itself. It's also a place where leader of The Tower have her place - a Grand Chapel.

(More about The Tower will be available in faction thread! Just a bit later ><)
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Black Garden   Black Garden EmptySun Feb 26, 2017 9:00 pm

Tons of detail and really well done.

Approved! :D
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Black Garden

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