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 Allui Station

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Clan Kyodain
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Clan Kyodain

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Approved#1PostSubject: Allui Station   Allui Station EmptyWed Mar 08, 2017 4:54 pm

Allui Station ASIqZaM

Name: Allui Station
Type: Space Station
Size: Large Station
Population: 70% Kyodain members, 30% other
Location: Near Lux Donum

Development Thread: http://convergencerp.forumotion.com/t570-welcome-to-allui-station


Allui station is the pinnacle of Kyodain achievement. Constructed by recycling one of their original five motherships, Allui station has been constructed with powerful defenses, large amounts of public space, factories, farms, and any kind of facility required for the station to function indefinitely should it ever fall under siege. It is armed with numerous bolt-cannon batteries, shock-missile tubes, and railguns and is even capable of constructing new Kyodain starships 2000 meters and below. 


After fully colonizing Lux Donum and constructing dozens of stations to utilize the system’s abundant resource, Clan Kyodain sent out explorers to discover the other species within their sector. They quickly stumbled upon Nypherian space and became close allies. The sheer scale and function of the Nypherians’ Vermire Station inspired the construction of Allui Station. Clan Kyodain immediately threw themselves into the effort, they found an uninhabited, resource rich system and deconstructed their fifth Mothership in order to build a massive station over a quarter the size of a common terrestrial planet. Thanks to having all the required technology, construction of the station was swift and Clan Kyodain quickly became capable of extracting the native resources to the system with a base in which to refine materials and provide a base in nearby space and a dedicated trade hub through which all species in the Outer Worlds sector can communicate, trade, and build relations both with Clan Kyodain and themselves. Any faction on good terms with Clan Kyodain may be able to gain access to an embassy on board Allui Station


Allui Station is placed in a moderately sized white dwarf system in the galactic north nearby their homeworld, Lux Donum. The system itself consists of two medium and one large sized dead terrestrial world, two gas giants, and a single supermassive asteroid belt between the four terrestrial planets and the gas giants. Allui Station orbits the dwarf star on the star side of the asteroid belt. 

The station itself is seperated into two sections: public and private. The public section consists of the entire outer ring around the outside of the station equipped with large number of public docking bays. Inside is a Kyodain relations center, public marketplaces, stores, restaurants, training centers, hotels, and any other kind of mostly legal services that the denizens of the mostly lawless outer worlds can provide. The central part of the station is known as the private sector, only kyodain and their close allies are allowed within as all the vital systems are located inside. It has tougher armor, private docking bays, especially thick armor, powerful defenses, and the launch bays for Battlesuits. Inside is the command center, numerous factories, dozens of farms, living quarters for Kyodain, armories, and any other facility conceivable for self sufficiency.

"From the abyss, we come to unite angels" 
-Mothership Kyodain motto

Faction lead for Clan Kyodain (Side account of Elias)
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Allui Station

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