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Approved#1PostSubject: Kan'in   Kan'in EmptyThu Mar 09, 2017 7:38 pm

Name: Kan'in
Habitable: Yes.
Terrain: Snow
Size: Small
Population: 100% Tanuki (Estimated 65,000)
Location: Eight squares away from Earth at 265 degrees.

Development Thread: None so far.

Being an undiscovered planet, the technology there is primitive. Not even yet reaching an industrial phase by the one sentient species that is native to it, it seems like technological stagnation has set in on Kan'in and will probably stay that way unless something that inspires the one kingdom in it to either split and war with itself or an outside force acts upon it.

Any notable inventions have all been related to the act of smoking dakari leaves, including a hookah like device.

The planet does not have much to it to note. It seems Kan'in has always been a depressing, cold wasteland. However, Kan'in's orbit around its sun has gotten closer a few eras ago, meaning it's getting warming. With this, more diverse biomes have evolved and ice has melted.

Kan'in has one small kingdom, simply called the Kan'in Kingdom. It's actually ruled by a female monarch, even though it translates to kingdom, because of masculine implications in the tanuki language. The tanuki are a lazy, hedonistic yet humble people that enjoy relaxing.

A large majority of their trees are hollow and tall, called dakari trees. Nearer the equator you get, the more these trees look like palm trees, while closer you get to the magnetic poles, the more they look like oak trees.

The kingdom of Kan'in, set smack-dab in between the North Pole and the equator, can get as cold as -40 degrees Celsius while as warm as 10 degrees Celsius.

A lot of the animal species tend to resemble bootleg Earth animals, like a currently unnamed specimen that lives at the South Pole that looks like a two-trunked mammoth with a horn sticking out of his head.

The world is seperated in two very large continents. From what it looks like, these continents seem to once have a land bridge but the ice melting probably contributed to it sinking. The land-to-sea ratio seems very inversed from Earth's with 60% land and 40% water.

The planet is very mountainous closer to the poles, while there is very little mountaim ranges at the equator. Interestingly, Kan'in Kingdom has situated itself at what seems like an artificial crater. Maybe they are sitting on a giant meteor with rare materials inside.

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