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Argatu E5211610

Habitable: Yes
Terrain: Primarily an Savannah world,with tropical island chains
Size: Medium
Population: 1.7 Billion {72% Varanus,28% other}
Location: Check Map
Advanced cities with fortified durasteel spiral fortresses at it's city center.Imperial Technology is widespread among the citizenry as with most Imperial worlds,state of the art training centers can be found on the planet,it is here where the Serpentum Legion trains their legionnaires with advanced VR simulations,adaptable environment combat training,Zero-G combat and large scale wargames. It's thanks to these training centers that the Legion remains a well-oiled fighting machine regardless of battlefield condition.

Argatu was an uncolonized world deep in uncharted space,it was untouched by space faring nations and prospectors long before the arrival of the Imperium.

After the Imperium surveyed the planet,plans were put in motion to colonize it which led to the Argatu we know today.Several cities dot the Savannah landscape taking only 34% of the planet's landmass.The remaining land is kept as wildlife reserves or training fields for legionary practices. Argatu despite being a hub of legionary recruitment does suffer an outbreak of lawlessness in the slums of the cities.As most able-bodied Varanidae leave the planet to serve off-world,thus those who refuse to obey the laws of the Imperium can run rampart in the city slums...until the enforcers eventually catch them and prosecute them.The mines of Argatu are known to breed the occasional thief who would attempt to flee the dig site with precious and useful metals they would plan to sell outside the Imperium if they could somehow get off-world without suspicion.

Despite the few outbursts of lawlessness Argatu still has one of the lowest crime-rates in the Imperium being just below the capital of New Serpentum through this could be because of the large military presence.


Several cities dot the landscape namely:

Rebus:An industrial town that quickly grew into the industrial centre of the planet,it is through Rebus that the mines and factories work,producing Imperial Durasteel and other metals for use in construction of buildings,weapons and ships.This thriving industrial centre is also an hub of smuggling but due to the ever watchful eye of the enforcers,those who do commit such acts usually end up behind bars in a moment's notice.

VR Training module:


The Pitgrounds:An massive artifical enviroment constructed for military training exercises,at least twice a year the Serpentum Legion sends over 40 legions to engage in mock-battles and wargames with one another.It is also the main training ground for legionnaires across the Imperium who train here before heading to the Legion Academy to be tested and reviewed before becoming a full member of the Legion.

Other units occasionally train here when the empire mobilizes for war.  

Argatu Screen10

Argatu Projects: Housing the majority of the other-racial population,the projects is a high density city where most of it's inhabitants live under a high crime rate,despite efforts from the I.J.F the crime rate has only dropped to a slow decline,most of the citizens had committed crimes that caused them to lose their citizen status thus trapping them in the city due to complex legal laws because of this the Imperial army draws recruits from these gangs and criminals into the Penal battalions,offering a chance back into respected social status and a way out of the cycle of crime that had consumed their lives.

There are many urban legends surrounding the projects some about magical cults,hidden treasures and most notable,one of a vampire that stalks the shadowed alleyways of the city.The city governor Alexander Jakov denies these legends as superstitious rumor but that doesn't explain the pale corpses of gang bangers drained of blood.  

A massive crater is in the middle of the city and acts as a geyser for water purification.

Levus:An city that houses many legionnaires and their families,the city itself is mostly a fortress with watchtowers and outposts scattered across it.The city also lacks anything other then basic entertaining facilities for returning soldiers.Most of the city consists of either residential homes and military barracks. 

Taloo Central Command:

Taloo:The planetary capital,it is here were the command center lies,here the planetary administrators work day and night to ensure the planet's operations run smoothly and without delay.It is also the most fortified city on the planet,few things happen on the planet without the knowledge of the planetary administration.It is also home to the office of the planetary Governor,Doux Vermar Imar

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