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 Merchant One

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Merchant One


Human Space Station


Not defined / Mostly consist of Tower soldiers and workers.

Merchant One is located towards of the right of The Black Garden, placing itself near the border of the core worlds.

Development Thread:

Tower Grade Technology

Merchant One, one of the Tower’s most recent and greatest projects. It was a plan that had been discussed for years, and then when the task of creating such an achievement came around, Jane Sonett was given the task to see it’s completion. Jax Jones and a small team of experienced technicians were given the heavy task of creating the security, defence and construction systems of the Space station. Now months before their Crusade the Tower’s project was completed in the space of a mere few days.

Merchant one is first great step in Tower's Crusade towards the great wealth. Why a law faction desires wealth? For funding an army of great sizes to ultimately destroy the evil within galaxy.

Suited near the border of Inner and Core Worlds, while still being close to the Union Sector, it have a great chance to become one of most important trade points around the galaxy. That's what The Tower wishes for, at least.

Whole structure is basically one big space shop. Consisting many floors, Merchant One is able to act as a station for many different purposes. First of all, there are floors especially for docking smaller vessels (Up to the 150 meters in length.) They offer also refuelling from Merchant reserves, as well as basic and complex repairs - For a price, of course.
Major purpose of station is trading, and so, nearly every floor will have some kind of place suited for a shop. Tower allows foreign traders and factions to set up their shops around the station - Tower takes few precents from their earnings, as payment for providing place and security.
Station also allows selling weaponry. However,, due to security purposes, it's usually limited to personal weaponry. Tower's merchants have a bit more rights, and it's able to buy majority of Tower's equipment from them.

The ring around the station is special kind of dock. It allows for docking of bigger vessels, such as battleships to about 2500 meters long, and providing them equipment and basic repairs. However, repairs for spacecrafts bigger than 750 meters will have to happen in space - Station is not suited for keeping such big ships inside the docking ring.
Ring also allows building vessels. It's not especially made for such kind of action, of course, but Tower prepared it for construction of military and civil vessels.

A word about security. Of course Tower will keep a fleet around the station all the time - But, in case that would be not enough, Merchant One is equipped with many self-defence systems, ranging from anti-fighter Rapid Fair Double and Triple 22mm Cannons installations, rocket turrets or even Long range Rail Cannons in critical places. Also, Station have few Floors especially made for fighter and corvette bays for it's own garrison. Not a big one, but it's always better than nothing.

In-Station security is also provided, for protection for shops and Tower's Law, of course. There are many Guard Volunteers suited on patrol routes around the whole stations, always allowed for elimination of problematic costumers if needed. They prefer to use non-lethal weaponry, however.
Majority of floors are equipped with CCTV systems, and so, security can shut down the floor in critical situations. Some floors are also equipped with point-defence turrets, just in case that security team wouldn't be able to get into the floor at the time.

Highest parts of Station are prohibited for anyone except Tower's Officers and guards. There is a Command Centre of station, as well as Guard Command. It would be a shame to get those parts destroyed by random travellers, wouldn't it be?
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You must now do  15 post Dominion thread to make it yours.


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Merchant One

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