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May as well write one of these before I go to bed and give everyone a relief from the technology spam. So, if you haven't already seen the 9 posts I have put in all about technology ((Much more to come)), I'm a world builder. I like making things on a larger scale than the individual and tend to excel in that field. I prefer dwelling in the atrocities of nature, rather than the best. Everyone does good guys. At least a vast majority. I like making things that players want their characters to despise. That love to hate ordeal. I also like making the villains because often times it gives someone a throwaway outlet to vent frustration. Angry about something? Here is a villain race that is already expected to do horrible things, curb-stompĀ puppies and kittens to your hearts desire and not worry about feeling guilty, or ruining the image of your character if that is a concern!

My current major project is the Vekimen, and they are my worst((read: Best)) villains yet.

As some have pointed out, the format of my tech articles... deviate from the standard. This is for many reasons, mainly being A) I already put hundreds of hours into making them all up, and B) I have no idea how they scale in comparison to other tech on the setting. What is the norm? What is the baseline average? This makes it hard for me personally to appoint a 1-10 number on anything I make. So, I present it with the hopes someone who reads it will already have a very clear and defined idea of the baseline, and will tell me where my tech places.

For you Warhammer 40k fans, prepare for Tyranids meet Flashlight Army. If you don't know what that means then... Well aren't you in for a treat Razz
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