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 Imperial BioCorps

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"Life is the key"
                   -Text Imperialis

The Imperial Biocorps {Formerly the Serpentum Bionus/Bar'nirakk} is the centralized state-owned union of the Imperium's biologists working to advance the Empire's understanding of life.Funded by the state and sometimes used to advance biological weaponry the Biocorps is well suited to serve the Imperium in it's needs.

Headquartered in Desar Marr on New Serpentum with over 51% of all biological researchers under it's wing {The rest being educators or employed by private companies} and leading the most cutting edge biological research in the Empire.It's the duty of the Biocorps to also act as the first and last line of defense against disease {natural,weaponized or otherwise} and issues state vaccinations engineered for each citizen species.

It's also the secret duty of the Biocorps to suppress Varanus evolution wherever it can for fears that the developed race could rapidly evolve into fearful beasts after a study made by a famed bioengineer during the end of the Sigma Wars that proved further evolution would cause a dangerous stage of devolution due to tampering caused by a unknown force.

The Biocorps doesn't recognize healing magics as a means to treat wounds or disease and it's medical units competes with more magically-inclined healers on how best to treat Imperial citizenry and soldiers.It also produces the "Ternah" or mutant-caste by identifying Varanidae that would evolve regardless of their suppression and then force their change to suit a specific role creating a variety of mutated Varanus used as disposable soldiers or labor.


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Imperial BioCorps

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