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Approved#1PostSubject: Zahra    Zahra  EmptyThu Mar 30, 2017 2:42 am

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Name: Zahra
Habitable: Yes
Terrain: A mixture of plateau and grass land.
Size: Medium
Population: 30% Fonguid, 60% Stellaris and 10% Konah
Location: Any

Development Thread: N/A

There is no technology on this planet. Fonguid's are currently working on advancements.

It was never really discovered for it being so far from the rest of the planets until a good while later. No one knows how this planet actually came to be but only some bothered to visit it and find out for themselves. Tourists and many other species visit Zahra to see if it's a livable area for them. Many however just visit once and never come back again to it for some odd reason. 

This planet currently doesn't have a government. It has more a voting system between the elder's of their own species. One elder of each of the species that live there gets a single vote on the important planet decisions such as allying other planets or going to war. The planet has huge masses of open dirt field but some areas on it has grass lands. It's air on the planet is immensely dense but every species that lives on it is immune to it because they were always living there. This type of air may be the ultimate reason for why every visitor to this planet leaves soon to another place. It has small huts and villages among it's wide lands with their own type of unique terrains separating the species from each other. Zahra has a slightly different gravitational pull compared to Earth. It's almost remotely the same. Some areas of the planet are further more advanced then others because each species does their own thing society wise and economy wise. However, Zahra has it's own currency and main language for it's beings that live there. It's currency contains of materials such of wood, food and clothing. The main language for this planet is called "Zoran" which is used by hand signals and pitches of sound. Every species on this planet can speak this language for its naturally in their bloodline. 

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