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Name: Crutarien
Habitable: Yes
Terrain: Any and all terrains and climates here.  In the far north the climate resembles that of hell.  While the south offers the largest island a huge slab of frozen sea.
Size: Medium
Population: Dwarf 30% Goblin 25% Elf% 25% Awoken 10% Remnant 5% Other 5%
Location: Any

Development Thread:
http://convergencerp.forumotion.com/t1319-earthspear-the-wise A windup to the 100 year war....

Medieval dark ages tech

Legend says two dragons, one fire one earth, fought an epic battle lasting eons.  With neither dragon willing to retreat the dragons fought until both were beyond exhausted.  The last blows glanced off of scales before both completely drained dropped into comas.  In their coma state the dragons dreamed into existence a magical world around them.  Fire and earth formed volcanoes that would spread vast mineral deposits all over the planet.  The shifting of the mighty dragons as they slept moved these volcanoes until they formed one massive super continent.

The continent was soon settled by dwarves seeking a return to their roots.  They abandoned their spacecraft in favor of picks, shovels, and forges.  As rumors of the continent spread it brought with it goblins seeking the dark places they could explore far away from the attempted xenocide they had faced on other planets.  The planet's volcanoes created rich land on the surface as well and this along with the intense areas of potent magic brought elves. 

The three species coexisted with only the occasional spat before the elves began to get greedy.  Earthspear the Wise began attempting to find and build over any and all areas were magic could be detected in an attempt to harness the energy for the elves.  Enormous temples were constructed and schools of magic were born.  Not satisfied with siphoning magical properties from the surface Earthspear began sending exploratory teams into the earth to search for the sources of magic.  The resulting conflict became known as the hundred year war.  The war was only ended by the shattering. 

The shattering began at the Battle of Almsdore.  Huge armies from all sides ammassed and met on the field of battle.  It soon became apparent that swords were not going to purchase a victory, magic was needed.  During the battle the earth was unmade and recreated, fire rained from the sky, and previously unknown creatures were loosed from the bowls of Cruterian.  The magic consumed and then released on the field day shattered the supercontinent into over one thousand islands scattering them in all directions and distances.  From that day forward the hunt has been on for islands home to the elven temples and the magic they contain.

The planet is seventy five percent fresh water ocean with over one thousand islands scattered across it.  Any possible landscape you can imagine can be found here.  Either above or below the ground. 

Major Locations:

Site of the largest and most well known battle the island housing this battle has yet to be found.  It is believed by many to be inhabited by spirits of those who participated in the battle who continue fighting each other to this day.  Those who argue against this claim do point out the sheer amunt of magical items that were used during the battle are sure to feed a great number of remnants.  Possibly even turning them into dreaded guardians.

Once the Elves seat of power the Citadel of Ivesdale has fallen on hard times.  Once surrounded by lush forests it was thrust far into the north during the shattering.  The climate change hasn't been kind as the intense heat has changed a once magnificent forest into a desert.  While the citadel remains a stronghold of magical energy there is a lack of desire by the elves to venture to find it.

Home to the largest number of goblins this city once sat two hundred feet underground.  During the shattering it was thrust from the earth and now sits atop an immense mountain.  The goblins who still dwell there have dug tunnel systems throughout the mountain making the city, and the mountain, an immense fortress honeycombed with innumerable passageways to transport troops and goods vast distances at incredible speeds.

The Dwarf seat of power remains deep within the Hysgadian mountain range.  The shattering sent the island far into the south where freezing temperatures outside force the dwarves to utilize the active volcanoes as their everything. 

Most governments on the planet are similar to clans where the strongest of a group leeads.  The shattering scattered so many over distances so vast that attempting to unify even a single race across islands is seen as futile and stupid.
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