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Name: Abraxis
Habitable: Yes
Terrain: Mixture of environments though it's arctic biome is quite small and most of the planet is temperate.
Size: Large planet with a radius of 75,245 Km
Population: Hawkfolk 18% Ostrichfolk 10% Owlfolk: 12% Seagullfolk 25% Eaglefolk 8% Ravenfolk 15% Macawfolk 12%
Location: 130 degrees at 15,000 ly

Development Thread: none at the moment will update if that changes.

Arlons have made their own technological constructs, due to their enhanced intelligence it is quite advanced. They are capable of using teleportation technology which is used for commercial and military use, though it is only in limited fields that they can teleport and preparing one of these fields requires hours or days of work. Most of their power grid comes from energy crystals which are produced at production plants and are similar to fusion power. The Arlons have also made advancements in cloning technology though strict laws in place make cloning of organs the only legal use. Chemical weapons can also be produced in mass should the need arise though they have been outlawed by the Republic. In terms of military tech las technology as well as plasma is widely in use though more primitive weapons such as swords and lances are in use but constructed from more durable material. Construction material varies from city to city but most construction is done by crews of workers directing nanobots. Crews of golems which are cybernetic V.I. constructs can also be seen doing manual labor on the planet.

History: The history of Abraxis is dominated by the seven sub species of the Arlons as well as the two precursor species who had came before them. The two precursor species known as the Phoenixkin and Puffinfolk had disappeared after thousands of years seemingly instantly. During their reign Abraxis had only three primary biomes which were arctic, tropical rain forest and desert. After the disappearance of these sub species though the glaciers began to retract as did the tropical jungle and large portions of the desert became grassland. Eventually from primitive species rose the seven sub species of the current Arlon species. After millions of years the planets biosphere became what it is now and thousands of years of warfare led the sub species to unification where they left their home world and spread out amongst the stars.

The planet has four main moons surrounding it, three of these moons are lifeless chunks of rock though one is teeming with life and is primarily a swamp biome. A proto civilization species is present on the moon and much like the Arlons seems to be a type of avian humanoid. Interaction with the species is illegal and punishable by prosecution to the full extent of the law.

The planet itself is composed of two super continents with a chain if islands in the center. The continent to the west is composed or a large mountain range to the north inhabited by the hawkfolk who live in cities built on or inside the mountains, these mountains are often connected by large bridges or teleportation platforms. South of this lays the vast deserts of the ostrichfolk. Tiny oasis dot the desert and built around the oasis are the cities of the Ostrichfolk constructed out of sandstone and adorned with gems and golden roads. Further south of the desert lays the whispering woods. Many creatures seemingly made out of the nightmares of sentient beings nightmares live in these woods. The only city lays in the center of the woods and is the capital of the owlfolk. The city is made of towering glass structures with bright lights throughout the city making it visible from miles away, a wall surrounds the city to keep the creatures of the woods out.

In the middle of the planet there lays a chain of islands as well as a massive horse shoe shaped Island further north of those. The horseshoe shaped island is mountainous with boreal forests and is home to the eaglefolk. The eaglefolk have constructed their cities out of the mountains using massive marble stones and pillars. The peaks of the islands mountains are also home to massive creatures which the eaglefolk often hunt for sport. Further south of this island is a chain of smaller islands inhabited by the seagullfolk. The islands themselves are tropical with shallow lagoons and small wildlife dotted throughout the islands, the most notable of animals though is the Titanus Brachyuras a giant species of crab which the seagullfolk have built their cities on. The crabs themselves do not mind the seagullfolk and will often roam the islands and sea for food and ignore their presence.

On the mega continent to the east there is massive grasslands and plains to the north. These plains are inhabited by the ravenfolk who have tamed the many swift beasts that roam the plains and domesticated them. The cities of the ravenfolk are made from many mined materials such as marble, granite and variants of steel. Most of the ravenfolk settlements though are made up of vast swaths of farmland. South of the plains is a large tropical jungle teeming with life of all sorts and inhabited by the macawfolk. The macawfolk live in massive tree houses or in temple cities constructed in the clearings of the jungle which are made of large stone.

All of these sub species and locations are under the jurisdiction of the Arlon republic which is a unified government of the sub species and democratic monarchy and peoples republic. The rulers of the republic are known as the lords, there is one for each sub species and the line of succession is hereditary. The lords may only propose internal legislation though it is the people who vote on whether or not this legislation goes into effect. Lords however have full control over foreign affairs and diplomatic relations with the oversight of the Arlon council who are headed by three elders.
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