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 The Vekimen Defensive Task Force

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The Vekimen Defensive Task Force Empty
The Vekimen Defensive Task Force Empty#1PostSubject: The Vekimen Defensive Task Force   The Vekimen Defensive Task Force EmptyMon Aug 28, 2017 2:08 am

Quote :
Khelena Het'Laderen, Sraralumee of the VDTF, after the final victory for control of the Vekimen People.

My people… People of the Vekimen… For over two millenia, we have been broken: shunned, oppressed, and conquered by the cold, empty expanses of space. Over 2500 years ago, the first Sraralumee made a promise to return us to the mantle of our prime and beyond, and I? I will follow that promise through! I will need all of you, though. You: The pride of our people, and the ones who can make this Dream a reality!

For countless generations, our ancestors fought to ascertain our rightful place among the Vekimen. We were pushed aside by the others who thought we were nothing but a blight. A mere rebellion that could be crushed underfoot like so many insects. We showed then otherwise... We devoured their strength and will to continue, bringing them to their knees where they begged for forgiveness. Like our pleas so many long years ago, their cries for forgiveness fell upon the deaf and the heartless. We were once the weak and helpless, running from a fight every moment one would bare its teeth at us, and now we are strong.
Once again I ask you for time! Time, to rebuild our nation to the glory we once invisioned it to be. Time, to rebuild our strength, and in turn bring back the pride that once drove us to new heights! The pride which pulled us from under the dirt and fueled the fire in our chests to reach for the stars and beyond!

We will have enemies… There will be those out there who desire nothing more than to oppose us, break us, make us kneel before them as common slaves to their will. We will not bend to such oppressors. We will face those who wish to make such moves against us and we will make them pay! For every drop of Vekimen blood they spill upon the ground, we will spill their blood one-hundred fold! I promise you that I myself would lay down my life and die before I kneel to anyone who seeks to oppress us, as I would expect each and every Vekimen to do in turn!

Let the events this day has pushed into motion ring out through the Galaxy and resound with a single message. To those who wish to divide us, you will not hear our voice. You will feel our claws rend your flesh and our teeth devour your innards. We will crush you as we have crushed all our enemies before us with a pride for our people never before seen. We will wash over you with the fury of solar winds, making a Tsunami that will make the galaxy cower in fear at our might!

To the people of the Vekimen, we shall be ignored no longer! We, the VDTF, the defenders of this dream, and those outside who wish to see it come true, we shall act as one! No more will this be a dream. This, shall be a reality! I asked you for time, but in the galaxy, our, time, is, NOW!

The Vekimen Defensive Task Force. Quite possibly the most radical Military the Galaxy has seen. After spending decades combating other Vekimen factions, the VDTF crushed and assimilated those who dare stand against them. With their thirst for blood hardly quenched, they are setting their sights to the Galaxy around them, searching for new enemies to victimize in their quest to become the most feared force ever witnessed.

They have no Mercy.

They have no Compassion

They have nothing but a sadistic hunger for conflict.

The VDTF will bear arms against any and all they deem fit. Those who wish to ally themselves with this force will have to demonstrate a will to fight for their cause, or risk having the Vekimen set sights on them.
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The Vekimen Defensive Task Force

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