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 Skaarlyt's bio

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Public#1PostSubject: Skaarlyt's bio   Skaarlyt's bio EmptyFri Sep 01, 2017 1:17 am

Name: skaarlyt Endaron
Gender: male
Species: human
Age: 28
Faction: none
Alignment: lawful neutral
Equipment: custom built scrap pistol, scavenged body armor, stolen taser lance, blast shield dagger, zippo lighter.
Powers: none
History(as explained by skaarlyt): my birth was the result of a broken condom and a few bottles of tequila. I never knew my father, he bolted as soon as he got up the morning after. My mother was a pretty teen who had snuck into the club to escape the pain of our homeworld. She meant the world to me. Every night she would put me to bed and then go "entertain" the sleaze balls that worked for the local crime lord in order to pay them to keep away from me. Jackasses, all of them. One night a patron became a bit agrivated when she refused his generous offer to "show her a good time", and stuck her with a broken bottle. The other thugs took care of the bastard, ensuring it wouldn't happen again. That didn't help me at all, though. At eight years old I was burying my own mother, who's shoulder I could no long cry on. I learned the laws of the concrete jungle I lived in, and how the world worked. I taught myself to scavenge, steal, and beg in order to survive. I helped out the gang my mother worked for on a few heists, but never became an official member. Wasn't my style. I eventually saved up enough to hitch a ride off-world, and I didn't look back even once at the shitstorm I was born on.

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Skaarlyt's bio

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