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Approved#1PostSubject: Tsuka   Tsuka EmptyFri Sep 01, 2017 1:58 am

Name: Tsuka
Habitable: Yes
Terrain: Mainly plains, forests and mountainous. 
Size: Large
Population: 60% Tsuram, 40% Gemen 
Location: 30,000 light years, 180 degrees

Development Thread: N/A

The technology of the Tsukam'akai has been improved upon for many thousands of years and as such is highly advanced, although they fall quite far behind in matters of warfare.

Tsuka was formed in an alternate universe to the one it is currently found in, having been formed and colonised by the early ancestors of the Tsukam only newly exploring their strengths and abilities. It grew to become a great beacon within the empire of the Tsukam'akai and was a planet of great sprawling cities and spires that reached the heavens, a place of beauty and discovery that churned out some of the empires greatest minds and creations. Tsuka remained like this for many millenia, ever expanding, growing and gaining in knowledge, eventually becoming the greatest of the cities of the Tsukam'akai. 

Steeped in jealousy over the glorious world of Tsuka, their rivals sought to claim it for their own. A war raged that ravaged the unprotected planets of the Tsukam'akai, they were not warriors and as such had very few warriors nor much in the way of weaponry, it was a dark time as they realised their folly of neglecting this one vital element of advancement that now they needed so much. Every great mind on the planet was turned towards the task of developing their military might and as new creations sprung forth the tide of lost battles first slowed, then stopped completely as the Tsukam'akai beat back their opposition and crushed them in their entirety. What few remained were taken as slaves and selectively bred into the species that were now called Gemen, their one time opponents now loyal servants to the Tsukam.

When the convergeance event happened and the Tsukam could feel their planet being taken from them their greatest minds and strongest Former's stood against the event but could not prevent them from being ripped from their own universe and placed in these new lands. Fearing that the convergeance would be the death of many millions on Tsuka all on the planet retreated below it's surface and entered hibernation indefinitely, seeking to preserve themselves and their race from any danger during the convergeance and as of yet unwoken.

Tsuka now is a planet of ruins, having been swept clean by the awesome energies unleashed during the convergeance there are now only a few signs that the Tsukam'akai were ever present, ruined spires dotted across the planet even now releasing strange energies that draw scavengers like moths to a flame. 

Both hemispheres of the planet are covered in lush green forests, the trees within ancient and standing easily a hundred or more foot in diameter, both forests contain a wide array of flora and fauna that are native to Tsuka. Running along the equator of the planet lies a large mountain range, with high pastures and snow capped summits that feed several mountain springs and rivers. The remainder of the planet's landmass is smaller forests and lush rolling plains, with four large rivers crossing the planet and smaller streams marbling the plains. 

Tsuka's seasons are very mild, with the height rarely going above 68 farenheight nor dropping far below fifty, rainfall is adequate and snow nearly unheard of, although the occasional weak thunderstorm is to be expected more commonly than it would on earth. 
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Tsuka   Tsuka EmptyFri Sep 01, 2017 12:49 pm

Sounds like a interesting place to explore one day to discover what secrets those ruins hold.



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