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 the lizard turncoat

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Name: Guz Jornix
Species: Varanus
Age: 46
Faction: Vekimen Defensive Task Force



Guz has the same strengths and limitations as other Varanus. He however is dangerously smart and as a former sociopath he has always had a knack for catching people off guard. Wich is why recon and stealth are his strongest suit. And while he can be a bit reckless he can also prove himself as a decent tactician.

In addition to regular Varanus weaknesses Guz has no ability to form real emotional attachments or relations. He is a bit weaker than regular Varanus and is also slightly short sighted, he should probaply wear glasses but refuses to do so.


During his exile, most of his gear was confiscated. He is left with regular clothes, a raincoat and a hat.

nothing out of the ordinary other than his fondness for violence and cruelty.

Guz was exiled from the empire for his devious personality, he had gotten in numerous bar brawls, most of wich he lost but if he won he would end up showing a sadistic enjoyment for bringing pain to another sentient being. Now exiled from the empire Guz has sought out the Vekimen who he heard from hearsay were all like him. He has gone off the radar searching for them and nothing has been heard from him since...



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the lizard turncoat

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