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 Sibaul the Wanderer

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The Intergalactic Drifter

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Name: Sibaul the Wanderer
Species: Travelers
Age: 290,000+ standard galactic years
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Neutral



Very patient and diligent with tasks.

Strong attention to details and can see problems before they actually occur.

Highly observant and can retain highly detailed information as travelers are endowed with hyperthymesiac memory.

Too cautious for his own good to the point he can be considered cowardly and go out of his way to avoid a confrontation or a situation that would put him in danger.

Very distrustful of strangers and becomes uneasy around crowds.

His physical form by itself is pretty weak and nothing spectacular above what an average humanoid at peak condition can do.

He must remain in his physical form to carry out his mission for the time being until the parameters change.

Becomes mentally and physically ill when receiving unwanted physical contact to the point of panicked temporal shifts which can put him in dire predicaments.


Aside from his clothing he has access to anything he needs to survive from his warp pockets. Anything from a thermal tent for extreme conditions to foodstuffs to sustain his physical form.

To the uninitiated he can be seen as a shapeshifter of sorts but in reality he projects a physical form of a humanoid to disguise himself in which requires food and water like any other living creature although his real form is beyond such needs since he is practically living energy in his non-physical form.

Temporal shifting, displacement and phasing. Sibaul's main defense is being able to move and remain unseen if necessary. Since his task is to collect information about the galaxy he must be able to do so without too much interruption. Since time to his species is mostly irrelevant, his perception of space and distance is also reduced to mere projection rather than pure perspective like most mortal corporeal beings. Basically he can be anywhere if he can see it through the 4th dimension at the cost of energy and extreme concentration. These abilities are mitigated if he's mentally compromised such as being under pressure or panicked.

Metaphysical shielding is probably his most powerful ability and a power of last resort. Travelers have learned one thing in this universe that it can be extremely hostile. Theoretically to the ones still bound by quantum laws, Sibaul can shield himself from extreme conditions and deflect kinetic energy by spending his own energy. However due to the physical form he has to work in he has a finite amount of energy to spend at any one time. Suffice to say with enough force inflicted onto him he has to expend all his energy which will make him to shed his physical form (die) and will cause him to leave his mission until he can reform into another physical form which could take weeks, months or years.

Sibaul as he calls his physical self is a Traveler, which live longer than the stars themselves, has a history that is too long for any mortal to appreciate. Sibaul can say for certain he has a love for exploration and life itself and even though he has seen the worst what corporeality can bring, he has seen so much potential and goodness that he sometimes forgets these flaws, albeit momentarily.

Every world is a spectacle and every galaxy is a story.
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Sibaul the Wanderer

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