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 Marcus Jenkanns

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Marcus Jenkanns
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Marcus Jenkanns

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Name: Marcus "Leroy" Jenkanns
Species: Human (Enhanced)
Age: 36
Faction: GSU
Alignment: Chaotic Good


-Has typical characteristics of all genetically enhanced super soldiers of the GSU including super strength, speed, durability, endurance and reflexes. These attributes are accelerated when wearing the MJOLNIR armour.
-Highly trained in a wide range of weaponry, particularly explosives.
-Devastating hand to hand combatant.
-Has a soft spot for cats.

-Explosive temper can lead to irrational decisions and hinder performance on the battlefield.
-Spontaneous episodes of aggression, violence and general antisocial behaviour. In this state, he tends to shout at even his closest team members and has resulted in countless physical confrontations with his peers. Sometimes however he chooses not to talk to people in this state and this has caused him on multiple occasions to go AWOL in the middle of missions.

MJOLNIR GEN2 Power Armour - Slightly customised to suit his specialty as a demolitions expert.
Heartseeker Rocket Launcher - Carries standard missiles shot from the weapon as well as cluster bombs.
M920-EM Gauss Rifle

None, he's just really good at blowing stuff up.

Not much is known about Marcus's earlier history aside from the fact that he was born and raised on Mars. He enlisted as a marine and graduated from the academy alongside his peers and went on to participate in engagements against Insurrectionists and later, a hostile Alien alliance.
It became clear at some point in his career that Marcus had anger problems. On multiple occasions did he physically attack his own squad members as well as multiple counts of insubordination and at least one count of being AWOL being reported. Marcus was discharged from military service eventually but reintegration into civilian life was ultimately never possible for him.

After reviewing his performance on the battlefield, intelligence operatives decided to approach and enlist Marcus, who at that point was in jail, into the Spartan IV program and received rigorous training to put him back into shape. His time going AWOL provided a template for his instructors to train him in operating for months without any line of communication with other military units, COs and supply drops.

Marcus was at first assigned to Spartan IV Headhunter Team Bravo but after his partner was rendered KIA at some point in 2565, Marcus was sent on missions on his own and often completed the task despite overwhelming odds. He completed his missions, as his Commanding Officers put it, "in his own way."

Following a council meeting with the Serpentum Imperium as well as other factions spanning the Milky Way, the GSU agreed to assign an operative to work as part of a team assembled by the Imperium to combat the growing threat of the Helix virus.
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Marcus Jenkanns

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