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Approved#1PostSubject: Thetrhon   Thetrhon EmptyFri Oct 13, 2017 7:04 am

Name: Thetrhon
Habitable: To Humans, yes. To Khalari, Yes. To any other race, refer to "Atmospheric Composition"
Terrain: Thetrhon has varied terrain. This is detailed in the description at the bottom.
Size: Large
Population: Khalari are the only sentient beings on the planet.
Location: 90 Degrees, 10 ly North of Scelfor I, 9 units from Earth.

Development Thread: N/A

Khalari evolved through abiogenesis roughly 5 million years after the planet's birth. They evolved into sentience fairly quickly and soon began becoming curious about making things. They are efficient at both atmospheric, and space flight and are at the beginning of a space age. Warp drive has just been discovered, and the most widespread jobs are things involving technology or electronics. Imagine Earth, but 100 years from present time (Earth in 2117).

Welcome to a whole history book in a couple of paragraphs! Buckle up, because we'll be going far faster than is possibly safe. Ladies and gentlemen, keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle, here begins a period known as "Khotak" (Co-tack), or, "Beginning of Life" in Khalik.
     Khotak was the period when the Khalari had just evolved to have sentience. Khotak was a period of brutal savagery where Khalari struggled to survive in a changing world. Many battles were fought in this pre-language era. Suffice it to say, the height of technology then was fire on a stick. Now, onto "Phedr'kan" (Pay-dur-'kahn), which means "Intelligence" in Khalik.
     Phedr'kan was a period of enlightenment and technological boom. Science took hold, and morals began to form. Impressively, wars and battles almost stopped in this era. Khalari found it better to work together as a civilization. Many large cities had been established. The height of technology in this age was a form of energy which used atmospheric gasses, and then replaced them continuously. Mines were outlawed but had begun to take hold in some "illegal" cities. Now, the third stage, "Irid'ak" (I-rid-ack), which means "Tragedy", in Khalik.
     Irid'ak was a period of widespread crime. Mines had begun to become widespread throughout civilization, and individual independence was declared by Khalari. Overall, Irid'ak, thought looked down upon by officials, was an important era in history for Khalari. It brought about the use of metal (Which was the height of technology) and brought independence. It is celebrated annually (albeit illegally) by the civilian population. Now, onto the present day (which has no name yet. Usually, you only name past eras).
     In the present era, science has made a comeback, and the world has separated into nations. Individual Independence is held in high priority. Furthermore, science has caused yet another technological boom.Particle weapons and electronics were invented, math experienced multiple breakthroughs, flight was made possible and efficient, and spaceflight has become common.
     That is all! In only four paragraphs, I have written a civilization's history! It will be updated as more breakthroughs happen.

     Thetrhon has a variety of both flora and fauna. The plants, as on earth, play an important role in the habitability of the planet through photosynthesis. Plants are varied and usually hard or stiff, and animals are abnormally strong (due to the high gravity). Mountains there aren't as dramatic due to the gravity. Long story short, the gravity affects every aspect of the planet.
     The majority of Thetrhon is land, meaning that most civilizations are along the coasts and rivers. The planet is "alive" in astronomical terms, meaning it's geology is active. Volcanoes, islands, mountains, etc... are present. The closer you go to the center of the continent, the more forests and nature you begin to see.  There are some cities in these places. but not many. Furthermore, there is no natural ice, and there are volcanoes (in the form of two really deep holes that penetrates the mantle layer.) at each of the polar caps.
     Thetrhon has two dwarf moons (asteroids) and no real tidal forces. Liquid is calm, and wind is usually just a breeze. The planet is overall peaceful.

Some Science Facts
     Class: Warm Terra
     Diameter: 18536.66km
     Solar Day: 13h6m17s
     Solar Year: 149.648 days
     Gravity: 1.9429
     Atmospheric Pressure: 0.126 atm
     Atmospheric Composition (Main three are in brackets. The rest hold a very small percentage, and are categorized as "Other"): [O2, H2O, N2], CO2, SO2, CH4, NH3, He, C2H2, Ar, C2H6, Ne, Kr, H2S, C3H8
     Atmospheric Height (Homogeneous): 6.62 km
     Atmospheric Height (Total): 123.52 km
     Average Surface Temperature: 127.83 F

Picture (False color. Just meant so you can get a rough visual of the planet. That is the planet, just not with accurate color on the landmasses.): Thetrhon Scr00010

*NOTE: This is just a rough draft (I will add more details later if that's ok), and the Khalari will be written up in the species creation shortly.

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Thetrhon   Thetrhon EmptyFri Oct 13, 2017 8:35 am

Approved will move back for edits at request.


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