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 The Iron Wolf

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The Iron Wolf  Empty#1PostSubject: The Iron Wolf    The Iron Wolf  EmptyMon Oct 16, 2017 3:27 am

Name: Gerald Anderson
Species: Human
Age: 32
Faction: GSU
Alignment: Chaotic Good 


Gerald is the muscle of the Dire Wolves Squadron, being much more strong and large then Heather himself makes him an excellent breacher, armed with a machine gun and he is a tank. 

Gerald traded his speed and agility for his amazing strength, though he has no prior augmentations he's the closest thing to a Spartan strength wise in the squad. Gerald has a horrible disrespect for authority, so much so that he has a silent grudge against Heather.


Heavy Elite Commando Armor
B125 Light Machine Gun
×5 Fragmentation Grenades
×1 Flash Grenade

Gerald has no powers but is a very large and tough EC

Gerald grew up on the streets, usually getting into fights (and winning) though he was a violent child he still had a sense of right. Gerald was first selected for the Spartan project, in which he refused, and later on became an Elite Commando. When he was in training, he had a rough time with authority, often times lashing out and getting into fights. He had finally met his match when Heather met him. With Heather he lashed out more and more, one time he got so worked up he ended up almost killing her, he would've been dismissed from training had not Heather stepped in. His outlashes were less frequent after that.



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The Iron Wolf

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