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 Lladre Nienmannen

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Keithen Nieminen

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LName: Lladre Nienmannen
Species: Valryia
Age: 21
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Neuteral


Toughness - An example is if she is stab three times in the belly or back she could last longer than a mortal human would depending on the wounds of course

Adgility- Uses the resources around her to gain a slight advantage, weather by knocking over objects or swinging around and up them

Speed - A good but faster than a human but not fast enough to be like Sonic or untouchable

Stamina - one of the areas Lladre has not always been good with, she can take care of herself in a normal fight but it can wear her down 

Astrophobia - fear of thunder/storms

Olive tan skin and fuschia eye color with amber flecks in them Lladre’s eyes are stunning against her skin tone particularly if she wears a bit of makeup as well. Lladre’s black hair is long with natural waves running through it with her bangs tied back in a braid, there is highlights running through her hair colored with purples, red and oranges.
Lladre has some markings about her. There is two rings wrapping around the middle of her upper arms and one for both her wrists. There is two swirls going down her back from her neck as well and meet at the middle of her back in the middle of the small of her back. Finally a few diamond shapes markings under her eyes.


Elbow blades, daggers and two handguns

Crystalkinesis - The ability to generate and manipulate crystals. Lladre can use this ability to an extent. She can’t make a whole ship crystal and if the target is too small (like a pin needle for example) or she doesn’t have it in general view of her surroundings is useless. This ability needs something solid to anchor to in order to work.



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Lladre Nienmannen

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