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 Rahotep Shareketi

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Rahotep Shareketi
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Undead High Priest of Za'k-Uhm

Alpha-Class Supernatural

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Approved#1PostSubject: Rahotep Shareketi   Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:56 pm

[Figure 1: Royal guard walking trough the waterfall oasis]

Name: Rahotep Shareketi

Gender: Male

Species: S’ine

Age: Mythical

Planet: Ci'Zue

Faction: Eon Theocracy

Job: High Priest of the Eon Theocracy

Alignment: Neutral

Development Thread: eon-turux, staff of life --> X

Rah is a priest who is naturally capable of using Sand Magic due to his racial gift having opened up to him, he is capable of using the full spectrum of S'ine Sand Magic. Rah existed since his species was created in the mythical time; because of his unnatural span, Rah developed a high intelligence and wisdom that he uses to solve his problems. His body is well adapted to survive the harsh environments of the planet Ci’Zue. Rah is the master of the staff of life, the staff has multiple effects on him that are mentioned on its lore page.

Rah likes to push his laziness to a new level and does his best to discover new ways of being effectively lazy, he considers it an art to be practiced. He loves to read, to dine, but also enjoys writing using his favorite calligraphy chisels if given the chance and a proper piece of quality stone. Besides all the formal duties, Rah is a passionate and rebellious person at heart for he has the wild dream to explore dangerous locations across the stars in his spare time, for the fun of doing. He is an outstanding strategist and shines to his fullest during exploration missions and politics.

Purge Magic can be very lethal, termokinetic damage turns Rah temporarily into glass. Being a S’ine, he has a dependent-like tunnel vision on his cultural values and way of life. His racial biology does not allow to develop strong muscles, biologically it is impossible for him to mutate. The staff he owns has multiple effects on him that are mentioned on its lore page. Sett is heavily bound to his faction as leader, and sometimes has to make difficult decisions. Something he does not enjoy.

As person he is very shy. The origin of this lies in his emotional and kind nature that surrounds him, compared with the cruel culture he is very kind, it makes him prone to being taken advantage of by others. It happened before... --> X His oath as Clergy Person while in a problematic situation makes him more prone to find vulnerability. 

Rah owns the eon-turux, this is a top-tier god-artifact, see the lore page for more information. He also owns his personal Athame dagger. The dagger is completely made out of black volcanic glass and curved, around 40 cm long and 1 cm thick. While at home he sometimes wears a white Shenti, --> X but most often a Kalas, with a massive tight white leather belt of 20 cm high, containing heavy we’ixx twirling embedded patterns. The arm sleeves of his Kalas are very long, transparent, and thin, nearly reaching the floor.  --> X Rah wears variety of bracelets on his upper and lower arms along with a very heavy Usekh --> X necklace, often combined with a pendant and multiple rings. On his head he always wears his royal diadem, which looks fairly similar to Elrond’s his diadem. --> X All his jewelry is made out of the we’ixx alloy, and heavily engraved with twirling patterns. On his home planet no one wears shoes and so he too walks barefooted. 

While traveling to other planets he usually wears his travel costume with as good as no jewelry. This exists out of heavy plated brown knee-high boots, brown pants, and a set of brown heavy armless chest armor, in addition to his armor he wears one upper arm-height wrist guard on his right arm and a very long black cloak. When fully wrapped in it looks a bit like this --> X or if he only wears it, and his clothing is more exposed it looks mor like the image seen one on the S’ine lore page --> X.

Powers: (the boons and conditions of the staff being placed upon these of course) 

Sand Magic
Rah is naturally capable of bending sand to his will. The stronger he becomes the more ways of usage he discovers. Eventually this allows necromancy and blood magic variations. He is capable of using sand to create one remote sand shade copy-expansion of himself. Rah can also use his sand magic to morph himself into a Jackal for self-empowerment. His Jackal form looks different from other Jackals due to the spesific jewery he wears, similar to this  --> X.

Sand Healing
He can heal his own wounds and wounds of other people through sand. When he becomes stronger he is able to use his life energy to heal many people at ones in the wide area. With help of the rod he is also one of the few entities in the mortal realm capable of fully reviving people, reviving will be one at the time. Regenerating trough necromancy will produce weaker temporarily revivals.

His rod corrupted Rah his body into the stasis of undeath. In addition to not aging, being undead grants Rah not having to breath and it grands him night vision. Toxic things that are not undead specific do not affect him. Upon death he may be revived at his pyramid. If he is strong enough he can revive himself by casting his spirit, to the pyramid.

Shade Magic
Due to the powers of his rod, he is capable to fly as a fine dark shade cloud, and can teleport himself from sand to sand using his shade magic, if the location is known. This will be local teleportation at first, but it will develop very gently towards interstellar free teleportation upon reaching Omega.

Ancient theocratic ruler
Rah has a lot of resources, knowledge and wealth available, allowing him to support his friends to the best of his abilities. In addition to that he is also the master of the eon-turux.

Specific conditions:
- Faction neutral where he can;
- Crippled through the dark arts;
- Staff limitations; (see lore thread --> X)
- Vulnerable to termokinetic energy and purge energy;
- Only able to cast extremely powerful spells in personal story; (may not cause unbalance)
- Admins can overrule this casting restriction listed in the previous point;
- Susceptible for anti-magic when teleporting/observing; (Except on home planet or when he is on sight already)
- Very difficult for other people to reach him, as he is well protected;
- Long distance abilities require meditation.

Rah is a powerful and ancient ruler, because he owns the staff of life. At given point he runs into a mistake and looses almost everything, including his required power to wield his staff… He is the only person who can start the dawn games with the staff, but since that he can no longer wield it as he lacks energy, he risks a total destruction of his existence and culture. Now he has to search the galaxy for a way to fix everything. Welcome in the 26th century Rah! Shocked

N /A : Most is covered in lore, I will be edit a recap of history each time a major chapter of my character is finished.

Character Threads:
Journey of Rahotep (OPEN UPON REQUEST) --> X

Other Threads:
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Lore: Binary Pyramids of La'a--> X
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Intro/discussion thread: Rahotep Shareketi --> X

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Rahotep Shareketi   Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:03 pm

Oh man that image is sexy.


You may begin the trek to develop your powers and master your sand/shade magic


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Rahotep Shareketi
Level 3

Undead High Priest of Za'k-Uhm

Alpha-Class Supernatural

Posts : 18
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Rahotep Shareketi

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