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 The Order Iveteus

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The Imperium
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The Order Iveteus 91907a10

"Take the Five into you
Travel the stars
Smite injustice and terror
Show them the fury of the gods
And never falter from the past
Never forget what you are
                  -Text Iveteus 


Before the Varanus unified under a single banner it used to be spread across feudalistic kingdoms who each followed their doctrine of faith that justified their control over the planet.In the wake of this strife was a rise of those who would prey on the weak turning the lands outside the city states into a Darwinistic game of the fittest survive.One such victim was the Arch priest of Nasnas {Goddess of life} who refused to aid the in the petty religious wars and chose to aid those who was left behind in the devastation,she was slain by a band of deserters after they carved out her Kurnsaar "Jewel of worship" {A horrible offense towards the clergy}

Her brother {a lesser priest of Armaros "the god of war"} furious of her death demanded aid from his liege but twice his requests would fall on deaf ears as the kings had little interest on matters outside their war for power.Unwilling to stay silent the priest rallied a militia of the faithful and willing and hunted down these bandits.They where successful but in doing so they realized just how perverse the ignorance of the kings and their armies became and eventually formed the Order Iveteus {Named after the priestess who they avenged} and continued hunting down those who preyed on the weak in the war-torn lands of Serpentum.

These warriors became icons of justice and diligence who continued to uphold the old warrior ways while the armies around them abandoned it if they gain advantage over their foes.They where however not without fault,many Gurands would falter from the code only to be hunted by the very order they owed their life to.

The order became a pivotal part of the development of Varanian society until the infamous "Purge of Suns" that ended worship of the Five and led to the formation of the United Republics of Varn and eventually upon the rise of space travel the Serpentum Confederacy.The order was disbanded and forgotten.

It would only be centuries later with the rise of the Serpentum Imperium and the reinstatement of the religious body that the order was rebuilt to act as defenders once more.They would establish a galactic presence in the Andromeda Galaxy and hunt down all forms of evil across the stellar empire.

Then the collapse came.

The Imperium built the ark and with a limited number of Iveteus Gurands they left seeking a new home.

The ark crashed and with it began the struggle of rebuilding the Imperium.

But the order never truly recovered,it only retains a fraction of the Gurands it once fielded and given it's strict recruitment policies that number has stagnated.Only 108 new Gurands where chosen from birth in the last 52 years and the order's power in Imperial affairs waned despite their high reputation.While the Grandmasters would deny it in word they knew in thought that the order was dying and they where far too proud to change their old ways like the Old Imperium did during the Helix Crisis.


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The Order Iveteus

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