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#1PostSubject: Horizon   Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:52 pm

Name: Horizon
Species: Pezopóroi Skión
Age: Unclear/Newborn
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Neutral


What do they excel in? 
Guarding, tracking, war, and forging, can be harmed by their own Skiá Weaponry.
What do they lack in?
Very Extreme temperatures, VERY LARGE Explosions, can't talk 'normal', and their own Skiá Weaponry.

Do they have any weapons or items of significance?
Dual Skiá Swords, and a Skiá Halberd 
Do they have supernatural powers? If not, describe what they excel in naturally.
Unnatural speed/stamina/strength, skin can't be pierced except by things in weaknesses, ageless, can 'talk' to those with a high mental capacity via neural link.
Write as much as you like about your characters backstory.
Pezopóroi Skión are humanoid in shape, except with a black matte skin and no defining features (no eyes, nose, mouth, ears, nails, toes, genitalia, etc). They come from a planet which has no sense of time, in which everything is 'perfect'. Also, they do not generally attack without reason, meaning they mainly only retaliate. However Horizon had grown tired, unlike the others, of the same thing. And after finding a rift, it (for Pezopóroi Skión have no true gender) travels to a planet at random, condemned to a life as a traveler it wanders in search of a purpose, a goal, a meaning. 
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