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 Seraph Sin

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Seraph Sin
Seraph Sin

Prince of Shadows

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Name: Seraphin Sin
Species: Vampire
Age: Young for a Vampire
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Evil


Seraph is highly charismatic, a silver tongue this one has.

Among many other things, sword play is his strong suit when it comes to weapons.

Sorcery of the more darker and scarier arts are his preferred styles within the magical world.

UV lights will blister Seraph's skin, and should he stand in it long enough, even kill him.

Silver Bullets will cause damage and harm to his body, along with other materials not from Earth, but any regular metals that are non magical will simply break against his skin or heal immediately. 

Children, Seraph actually loves kids, should he ever befriend a child, they could be used against him to get what his enemies want from him.

Without an invitation, Seraph can not enter a building, or room. It will cause him great pain and eventually death should he try to do this without being given permission first.

Running water can somehow stop him from crossing over it's surface, he's not sure why yet.

Blood, this is what keeps Seraph alive, and well. It is his food, it's also not something most are willing to give. 



A sword made of Obsidian
Black armor with fur collar, and red chest plate.

Shape-shifting - The ability to morph into any organic being within the same size of the shifter.

Dark Arts - The ability to utilize dark magic/witchcraft.

Vampire Physiology - Possesses the physical powers and abilities of a Vampire (i.e. super strength, senses, agility, etc.) 

Turn Vampire - Should someone who has been bitten by a vampire drink said vampire's blood will turn into one themselves.


Originally from the planet of Earth, Seraph was only but a child when his parents removed themselves from said world and moved on the pioneer the way for other Vampires there. Eventually a planet was found, a Coven, and new royal blood line created through blood, sweat, and pain put Seraph as the Prince of Shadows. All his a mystery, though, where he lives, or his past. Keeps up his title.



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Seraph Sin

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