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Necronis Desert10
Name: Necronis (previously named Algarius VII)

Habitable: The planet is habitable, the atmosphere contains enough oxygen for life to be sustained.

Terrain: Necronis was once a lush, blue planet much like earth. Now it is mostly barren, dead lands with decaying forests and crumbling ruins. A greenish hued fog surrounds the planet.

Size: Medium

Population: 70% mindless undead, 25% free undead, 5% demon.

Location: Deep in Demon controlled space, close to Orgrisk.

Development Thread: There are many places across Necronis where items of dark magic are stored, used during the corruption of the planet. It also has rich reserves of a mineral called Infernium, a resource filled with dark energies that is a vital part in magic aided space travel.

There is very primitive technologies from before the corruption spread across Necronis, early laser weaponry and landcraft with a few, simple space faring ships. The are also a small amount of Leviathan Phantom ships. Spacecraft powered by Infernium and dark magic.

Necronis was once a human colony, rich with trade and acted as a outpost against the spread of demons. Back then it was known as Algarius VII. For decades the planet acted as a first line of defence for the early human expansion. Over time the fighting spread to the planet's surface yet still the demons could not break the human forces as aerial ship battles turned to primitive trench warfare. Realising that they were fighting a loosing battle, the demons constructed spires of dark magic energy and unleashed an unnatural corruption over the planet. The human forces stood no chance and soon fell to infighting as the living tried to survive in a land full of the dead. After 10 long years the small pockets of resistance fell until no living thing remained on the planet. As the corruption finished its work, the demons moved on, looking for further conquest. However, as the demons left, the dark magic fuelling the spread of death weakened and some people survived being reduced to mindless undead. This minority, known as the free undead, grouped together and formed small settlements across the planet and have remained docile for centuries. Now, as the human race expands through space once more, some of the free undead leave the planet, stealing the Leviathan Phantom Crafts created by the demons, in hopes of being excepted back. However, they have often been met with hostility due to their rotten or skeletal forms.

The main rulers of Necronis are a group of Demons known as The Vashtarvel Domination. However, due to the years of relative peace, the demons have become lazy and bored, spending their days messing with the hoards of undead that aimlessly wander the land. They don't care who exits or enters the planet but will unleash great dark powers if their position is challenged. Of the free undead settlements there are two larger cities. One in the cold north called Skolvard, run by Baron Drakenval and his Trenchrunners, a group of peace keeper and defenders who keep back the tides of undead using the old trenches. The second city lies to the west, on and island in a sea of black water. The city is called Hexwrath and is very hostile to outsiders, protecting this bastion of civilisation with high walls and primitive lasers. Raven Holav is the leader of the settlement and has a army of old war veterans called The Last Line.
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