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Approved#1PostSubject: Atlantis   Wed Feb 22, 2017 3:42 am

Name: Atlantis

Habitable: Yes

Terrain: Tropical

Size: 86.882K miles so extremely large


Atlanteans: 50%

Kraken:  20%

Other: 30%

Location: For now keep it a mystery.


The technology on this planet can be described as magic tech. Often archaic or natural type items are infused with magic to give it a futuristic type feel.


According to Atlantean history there were three people born at the dawn of time. Körper, Mente, and Ātmā the predecessor of life. Körper and Mente both loved  Ātmā with all their divine beings. Giving  Ātmā anything she could possible want. The two always trying to outdo each other created constant competition. Körper created the first Atlanteans beings of the body. Strength that was unmatched but as smart as a boulder. Mente not to be outdone created the second group. The first Enchanter's to treat the first Warriors as slaves. The Enchanters got too power hungry causing problems with one another. Even going so far as to mix a bit of Enchanter and Warrior blood to create the Sorcerers. Ātmā begged Körper and Mente to make peace between the creations. The two refused saying she must choose one or the other. Instead Ātmā chose to give up most of her divinity and become a mortal among the Atlantean people. Becoming the first Queen to unite the warring race. Mente left and isolated himself from pure heartbreak. While Körper jealous over  Ātmā created the Kraken's to destroy the Atlanteans. Then went into an eternal slumber until Ātmā is brought back, constantly dreaming of new species.

About 500,000 years ago an Alien race came to Atlantis, seeking to inhabit the planet and wipe out the natives. It was a brutal war that killed 70% of the population. Entire cities destroyed, families shattered, and friends left burning in the wake of destruction. As such the remaining members of the Royal family used their powers to end the war and drive the invaders back into the stars. The Crowned Queen Lapis Lazuli used her magic and her very life to erect a one way barrier around the planet. While Atlanteans may leave the planet, they could never return. Creating an isolist planet.

The planet never truly being at peace. As the Kraken's attack as often as they can, waging a war against the proud Atlantean people.

The planet can be described as incredibly large and greenish blue, with two different colored moons (light Red and light Green). There are three major land masses covering about 48% of the planet with smaller islands being found about everywhere else on the planet. The three land Masses are called Pacifica, India, and Artica. On Pacifica, Atlantis Kingdom sits in the center. Sparkling like a beautiful oasis on the sparkling Tropical Planet. All the lands are covered in green. With an atmosphere that rains constantly. Rainbows fill the sky consistently, being a beautiful sight to all who notice. Even after Gazillions of years on the planet. The Atlanteans may not have discovered every species there is to find. The smaller islands can be a bit odd with having their own weather patterns.

While the Atlanteans may live in sprawled Cities across the globe. Migrant groups can be found at almost any given time. Along with explorers and adventurers. It would be safe to imagine the planet to be almost like a giant amazon rain forest. Very humid, wet, and often loud.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Atlantis   Wed Feb 22, 2017 7:36 am

Approved, pending secondary approval

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