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 Season 1 Conclusion - Numbers, Developments, and Rewards

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Starforger's End

#1PostSubject: Season 1 Conclusion - Numbers, Developments, and Rewards   Fri Aug 05, 2016 11:19 am

When the stars are shaken,
When dead legends return,
The Starforger shall awaken,
And the galaxy will burn.

348 posts, 9 Threads, 2 Deaths, 1 Season
With the Starforger defeated and the Knight Initiative now in place, the galaxy can start recovering from this catastrophic event. The stars have stopped converging, but that does not mean the heroes may rest. Darker things are coming, from both inside and outside the UNSC.

The UNSC reclaimed Seraph IV and Kiltorna.
The UNSC enacted the Knight Initiative, in which supernaturals would train to join their ranks alongside the army.
Dan, the legendary blue fire demon, was killed by his daughter who at the time was under the control of the Starforger.
Eli, Dan's Brother, was defeated and captured, eventually helping the heroes against the Starforger.
Once confronted, the Starforger was revealed to be Nozdormu; Dan's father and the Aspect of Time.
Nozdormu was defeated in a joint attack by the heroes.
The heroes were commended with medals by the UNSC and offered enlistment to the Knight Initiative.
Commander Dumont was promoted to Captain.
Jaya began the first term of the Knight's Academy.

Each hero who took part in the final battle earned The Starforger's End medal.
A moderate sum of money was offered as reward by the UNSC to those involved (will be reflected in upcoming Currency system).
No Artefacts were found this season.
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Season 1 Conclusion - Numbers, Developments, and Rewards

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