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 The Faction Rework!

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Staff#1PostSubject: The Faction Rework!   The Faction Rework! EmptySun Jul 16, 2017 4:08 pm

Welcome to Season 4 Factions. We will continue to tweak this rework over the next couple of weeks to ensure it works smoothly.

Factions are either Minor or Major
Minor Factions can be created by anyone; they hold no territory and have one thread in the Faction forum to list their members and information. These can be Assassin guilds, Merc companies etc.
Major Factions require four active writers; they can hold and expand territory, whilst getting their own forum (possibly after a certain time/growth). These are your empires and territories, like the GSU.

Dominions now require 50 posts to be completed, extending the time and writers needed to finish them. This will help enforce the idea that Major Factions earn their place by being a collaboration of writers, not just the powerhouse of one writer.

Invasions are battles for a planet between two in-range major factions. They will follow the same rules as the previous system.

Members and Activity
Major Factions must maintain their minimum writer requirement and activity or else their territory will decay. This reworks main aim is to keep factions in the hands of multiple writers/characters coming together to build it whilst avoiding the single-person, dominion/dev-spamming of the previous system.

Codex Restrictions
There will be no tiers, so ships wont be restricted by tiers. Instead, the ‘400+ ships belong to factions’ will remain in place, and we will tweak the dev thread requirements for large ships if they become too easy to obtain.
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The Faction Rework!

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