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 The Serpentum Imperium {Faction hall}

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The Imperium
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The Serpentum Imperium {Faction hall} LiSt9Q4 Member of the Month

The Serpentum Imperium {Faction hall} Empty
The Serpentum Imperium {Faction hall} Empty#1PostSubject: The Serpentum Imperium {Faction hall}   The Serpentum Imperium {Faction hall} EmptyFri Jul 28, 2017 7:33 pm

Join the Imperium as it struggles to rebuild the North and establish it's hegemony to unite the galaxy under a single banner through voluntary cooperation {or dreaded annexation}.

All races and creeds welcome as we attempt to create the most diverse and detailed faction to use as a tool to create many stories in this galaxy.

What makes us different?

Unlike the other factions we allow people to hold IC territories if they choose to as "duchies" under the Imperial crown which will be able to submit their own laws and leaders to represent them in the Imperial Court. With earnable titles and the chance to rule the Imperium IC -wise as it's regent for a set time. {Note it will be moderated by me}. These duchies can consist of self made races and planets and such.

The Imperium will be a faction to allow it's members to take part in a greater collective and collaborative writing experience much like the theme we founded it upon...Collaboration.

Our vision:

To make our faction span the majority of the Northern galaxy,to leave a mark on the site of which members can be proud to have been a part of. 

The faction is interactive and will be shaped by the actions of players and powers even outside it's membership. {For example,if somebody publicly takes action and destroys a transport ship in a act of terrorism,expect that person to have a bounty placed on them and lets say that transport carried food,expect some world to be mentioned to have food shortages enc...... {For advanced writers should they like to use this butterfly effect otherwise it will be mentioned in a "news board"}

Join the Imperium.

Whether you choose to rp as a soldier in the vast Imperial army or navy,a scheming noble clawing his/her way to regency,a scientist,a merchant,a fugitive or whatever your imagination permits we hope to take the journey alongside you as we continue the fable of the Serpentum Imperium and the legends of it's citizens.

Join us as we bring order to this chaotic galaxy.

For questions gaze unto this:



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The Serpentum Imperium {Faction hall}

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