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 The galaxy's most wanted

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The galaxy's most wanted Empty#1PostSubject: The galaxy's most wanted   The galaxy's most wanted EmptyTue Nov 14, 2017 1:48 pm

Name: Dexter Diasun
Species: Scorpion (?)
Age: Unknown
Faction: Loosely related to the bounty hunters and other criminal organizations but is generally wanted dead by all former factions
Alignment: Lawfull evil


-Intelligence. Among all scientists, scholars and brilliant minds Dexter may be among the smartest. He is considered dangerously smart, capable of maximally exploiting anything he can use ranging from actual tools to just his tiny scorpion body and the abilities that come along with it. Dexter has created many weapons compatible with his tiny scorpion body that are just as lethal as regular weapons. And that is not even mentioning the mechs he creates to ride into battle...

-Experimental scorpion species. Dexter was created by scientists to form some sort of new creature for military use, they chose a large breed of scorpions for their overall versatility but to be able to train them they had to increase their intelligence first. This process was rather slow so Dexter was kept in the amplification station overnight. This was a horrible mistake as the scientists crossed several other animal species to create a breed of scorpion suitable for missions. Their intelligence was already semi sentient but the amplification left Dexter smarter than his creators, wich is how he escaped. Dexter is a breed of scorpion that can alter it's thermal statistics and camouflage much like frogs and chameleons wich makes him extremely difficult to detect already but he also has the ability to change his detection signature to something like a fly wich is how he managed to accumulate so many blueprints for his vehicles. (dont call him a bug!)

-Smol. Dexter is rather small and cant fight himself, instead he uses his machines in combat.

-Temper prone. Dexter is very easy to agitate, though that's usually not a good idea.

-Most wanted. Dexter has been stealing blueprints for technology from factions, big and small all around the galaxy to further increase the strength of his own machines. This is why he is signaled as a dangerous criminal mastermind all around the galaxy.


-Zeski. Before hijacking a ship and making it his own, Dexter designed an artificial intelligence that obeys him and him only. Dexter is always in contact with Zeski who can bring him one of his many vehicles whenever he needs them.

-Siegetail. The MXE Siegetail is a massive mech boasting the same weaponry amount as an imm bulwark bot (cole for reference). However, the siegetail is 4.5 meters tall and 6 meters long (8 including the tail). Much like the bulwark bot the siegetail boasts several modes, with the same amount of defensive measures. But unlike the bulwark but the siegetail is equiped with superiour crowd control abilities, boasting numerous freezing rays, gasses, mists and bullets in addition to arc weapons and chrono bubbles.
The siegetail:

-The scout mech. The scout mech is a smaller version of the siegetail, ment to be used on an every day basis. It's much more practical due to it's smaller size but doesnt have the same battle abilities as it's larger counter part. It stands at 1.80 meters tall and 2.5 meters long.
Scout mech:

-The stinger. The stinger is a 9 meter long helicopter that Dexter uses in air to ground missions. It boasts energy shielding utilizing stolen immortal tech as well as several immortal weapons. It can carry several friendlies as well, assuming Dexter can find allies.
The stinger:

-The arachnid. The arachnid is a small ship that Dexter lives in. It holds the AI core of Zeski, a laboratory, workshop and alchemy station and anything else related to what Dexter does. It also has a storage room for any of the vehicles listed above, the ship itself is unarmored and unarmed but can dissapear from radars and change the total color to camouflage in plain sight.
The arachnid:

Other than his extreme intelligence and skill in anything required to craft vehicles and whatnot Dexter is actually rather weak, heavily relying on his inventions to keep him alive.

Will be scattered throughout rp.



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The galaxy's most wanted

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