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 Common Magics

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Elias Bishop
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Magic, in general, is a very ambiguous subject. Hundreds of thousands, and possibly even more, ways to utilize magic exist. Even magic as basic as elemental magic works in different ways depending on where you are, what is listed below are the types of magic Elias currently controls. All magics can be mixed and matched as the caster sees fit.

Pure Mana: The force that binds all life in the universe together. No matter what, all magic users channel this energy. It’s the entire reason they can manifest their power in any way, shape, or form. Uses for this magic are myriad and simple. It is always used in the creation of magical objects. Another powerful use for this magic is the third sight, a dangerous tool that allows a wizard to see all magic within eyesight, though prolonged use always leads one to go insane.

Elemental Magic: Perhaps the most basic of all kinds of magic, elemental magic is often the first type any wizard learns. It consists of four basic elements: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. There are dozens of subtypes to each element and many more combinations. For example, Magma is a combination of Earth and Fire.

Energy Magic: Also called plasma magic. The most common manifestation of this is lightning, although it also takes many other forms. Magnetism and Gravity are considered subtypes of this section of magic.

(Note: All this information and more is continually updated on a google doc linked in my signature)
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Approved > Adding to Official Lore
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Common Magics

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